Self banking

Self banking

Bank on your smartphone

Payconiq in KBC Brussels Mobile

Refund your friends, pay your purchases safely and always carry your loyalty cards. All you need is a smartphone and the Payconiq app!

Find out step-by-step how KBC Brussels Mobile works

Bank on your tablet or computer

And while you're at it...


Zoomit: pay with one click

Manage and pay your bills in a click.

Ordering euro banknotes and coins online

Need a large quantity of euro banknotes or coins? Make it easy on yourself and order them online.

Mobile banking for young people

Pay safely and securely in online stores

How to log in and sign transactions in KBC Brussels Touch with KBC Brussels Sign for Business

Bank and surf online more securely

Install reliable anti-virus software to protect your browsing and online banking.
Bank and surf online more securely