What is KBC Brussels Touch?

What is KBC Brussels Touch?

Use it on your PC and tablet

Put our Touch app on your computer and tablet and use both devices in turn or at the same time at home or on the go.

Get a digital housekeeping book

See at a glance where your money's going to every month and whether you might be overspending on certain things. Set yourself a budget and start keeping an even closer eye on what you spend.

Mobile banking with KBC Brussels Mobile

If you prefer to bank on your smartphone, KBC Brussels Mobile is definitely the app for you. It gives you the freedom to check your balance and transfer money with ease, no matter where you are.

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What is Touch?

KBC Brussels Touch is our latest online banking service, letting you clearly and conveniently bank on your PC or tablet.

How does Touch help you?

KBC Brussels Touch is the ideal solution if you:

  • Have difficulty getting to your branch during the day
  • Want to see all your banking and insurance products at a glance
  • Don’t always have your card reader on you (you hardly ever need it on your tablet)

Do you also have a business account? Touch allows you to switch quickly between your personal and business banking, so you can manage all your banking in one easy place. See what KBC Brussels Touch can do for your business.

What features does Touch offer?

KBC Brussels Touch lets you do much more than just make payments, with the main sections giving you a range of features and options. Select a section to find out what you can do with it.

Payments & transfers


  • See all your accounts and cards at a glance
  • Set up standing orders
  • Pay by SEPA direct debit
  • Manage beneficiaries
  • Order foreign currency
  • Get and pay bills through Zoomit

Check transactions

  • See what you've spent, what you plan to spend and account information


  • SEPA credit transfers
  • International transfers

Savings accounts

  • Open or close an account
  • Take out or end account insurance for an insurable savings account

View account statements and reports

  • Get e-statements in various formats and choose how often you get them
  • Find specific transactions and print them off or save them in a separate view

Savings & investments


  • See all your savings and investment products at a glance
  • Switch to KBC Brussels Invest (if you have it)

Asset details

  • View your assets in detail
  • See a breakdown of your liquid assets, fixed-income products, funds and shares

Start saving and investing

  • See all the ways you can save and invest using KBC Brussels Touch
  • Get personalised advice from one of our wealth management specialists by chat or video chat

Start with the basics

Do more

  • Set up standing orders
  • Save for your pension and in tax by combining pension and long-term savings
  • Invest periodically



  • See your loans and insurance related to your family and leisure time at glance
  • Work out instalment loans and get an answer right away
  • Work out and apply for family insurance



  • See details of all your contacts at a glance
  • Read and send messages
  • Get an appointment with your contacts fast
  • Give your teenager our K'Ching mobile banking app
  • Fast access to Doccle

New in KBC Brussels Touch since December

Green light for your home loan?

If you have building or renovating plans, instantly find out whether or not your loan is feasible in KBC Brussels Touch.

Easily take out your family insurance

If someone sustains loss, damage or injury as a result of an error or negligence on your part, family insurance will protect you against the financial consequences. You can now simply calculate and take out this policy in KBC Brussels Touch.

A clear view of your return at all times?

Closely monitor the return on your ExpertEase fund and find out how it is generated via a new overview in KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch.

Will Touch work on my device?

My device is a ... Use our...
Desktop or laptop computer

KBC Brussels Touch in a browser

Check the system requirements


KBC Brussels Touch app on your tablet

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KBC Brussels Mobile app on your phone

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How do I log into Touch without a card reader?

It’s handy, fast and always on you: use your smartphone and the free itsme app to log in and authorise payments.

If you own a tablet, you can opt to log in using your five-digit PIN.

Like to know more? See all about logging into Touch and using it to sign transactions.

How secure is Touch?

Security is a top priority for us, especially when it comes to online banking and insurance. That’s why Touch has security software that protects you against hackers and viruses on your computer and tablet.

The five-digit PIN on your tablet is just as secure as your card reader, since log-in is only possible using the personally chosen PIN registered in your name. If you enter an incorrect PIN three times in a row, you’ll have to register again using your card reader and debit card. Another Touch security feature is automatic logout after a few minutes of inactivity. Stay alert at all times and never divulge your personal details or PINs to anyone.

Like to know more? See how to bank safely and securely.



Log into KBC Brussels Touch

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Pay safely and securely in online stores

You can pay for online purchases easily with your debit card or credit card. But did you know that KBC Brussels Mobile is the quickest and easiest way?

Carefree travel with the apps from KBC Brussels!

Order foreign currency, check your account balance while souvenir shopping, or top up your account to pay your credit card bill: with our apps, you can manage all your banking business and insurance before, during and after your trip. Check out our mobile travel tips.

General questions about KBC Brussels Touch

Get help with things like problems using KBC Brussels Touch, a forgotten PIN or changing your settings.

Questions about online banking and security in KBC Brussels Touch

Discover how your secret code might not be that secret, what we at KBC Brussels do with your details and what you can do to prevent fraud.