Prepare for your arrival in the capital

Prepare for your arrival in the capital

Moving abroad to Brussels?

A summary of the procedures and formalities to address before, during and after your move to Brussels.

Insurance for expats: Top five

Discover the most comprehensive types of insurance for your family, home and vehicles.

Smooth your relocation to Brussels

List of relocation agencies in Brussels: A helpful guide for expats planning a move to the Belgian capital

The best apps to get around in Brussels

All the apps you need to book shared transport in Brussels, from scooters and bikes to cars and taxis.

Schools which attract expats in Brussels

Picking a school close to their roots is an important factor in the list of criteria which influences expats to move to a particular neighbourhood.

Where should you live in Brussels?

Overview of Brussels' 19 districts. From those that are most attractive to expats to the least well-known.

Mobility in Brussels

Tram or bike, taxi or metro: however you move around, we want to help with your mobility.