Find a home in Brussels

List of relocation agencies

Find a home in Brussels

List of relocation agencies

It’s always hard to plunge into an unfamiliar city in search of the ideal place to live. Brussels is a welcoming place, to be sure, but without a few tips, it’s far from easy to find your way among its 19 separate districts, each with its own particular features.

For that reason, turning to a relocation agency in Brussels is a great way to access solid information and take some of the stress of your shoulders. In addition to finding you a home suited to your taste and needs and helping you to move in, agencies like this can guide you through most of the associated formalities: registering with the local authority, your rental contract, setting up your utilities and finding school places for your kids. 

The leading accredited relocation agencies in Brussels are:


  • Do It 4 Me
    Square de Meeus, 22A - 1050 Ixelles
    T: + 32 2 513 45 13
    F: + 32 2 511 95 26
  • ABC Relocation – Andrews Blakeway Consult
    Schuman Roundabout 2-4 - 1040 Etterbeek
    T: + 32 2 403 37 34
  • Bright Expats
    Avenue de Broqueville, 40 - 1200 Woluwé-Saint-Lambert
    T: + 32 493 19 30 32
  • FRS Relocation
    Avenue Hermann Debroux, 40-42 - 1160 Auderghem
    T: + 32 2 253 20 05
  • Net Expat Worldwide HQ
    287, Avenue Louise - 1050 Ixelles
    T: + 32 2 358 62 28
  • Ziegler Relocation
    Rue Dieudonné Lefèvre, 160 - 1020 Bruxelles
    T: + 32 2 422 21 10
    F: + 32 2 422 21 51


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