Working capital

Working capital

Most popular working capital loans

Business Budget Facility

  • Cover small unexpected expenses
  • Go temporarily overdrawn by up to 5 000 euros
  • Interest is tax-deductible

Advance in Current Account

  • Overcome temporary cash flow shortfalls
  • Pay your suppliers in cash
  • Give your customers more time to pay

Line of Business Credit with Straight Loans

  • Respond to larger scale operating requirements
  • Determine the amount and term yourself
  • Only pay interest on amounts drawn down

Tax pre-payment plan

  • Never forget your pre-payments again
  • The interest you pay is tax-deductible
  • Arrange everything online

Cash budget credit facility

  • Maintain your cash flow
  • Spread the cost of holiday pay and year-end bonuses
  • Fixed interest charge is tax-deductible

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