Comparing credit to finance working capital

What types of credit can I use to finance my working capital?

Comparing credit to finance working capital

What types of credit can I use to finance my working capital?

How do I finance running my business?

Need some financial breathing space and want to keep your cash resources and funds free for other purposes? As someone running their own business, you can easily channel additional funding into your commercial activities. KBC has three different solutions that gives you the freedom to do just that.

But which type of credit is best suited to your needs? Check out the detailed comparison below:

  Business Budget Facility Advance in Current Account Line of Business Credit with Straight Loans
Minimum credit amount None None 50,000 euros
Maximum credit amount 5,000 euros Based on your cashflow requirements  Based on your cashflow requirements
Interest rate Fixed Fixed Margin on EURIBOR
Drawdowns Payments via your business account Payments via your business account Decide yourself + possibility to change at any time
Possibility to deduct interest and charges from your taxes  (no charges)
Digital utilisation or drawdown of credit 
Optional: 'Remission of Debt' financial protection
  Learn more about the Business Budget Facility Learn more about the Advance in Current Account Learn more about the Line of Business Credit with Straight Loans

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Straight loans

Our advance in current account allows you to go overdrawn. Taking out 'straight loans' also gives you the option of financing larger commercial expenses in the short term.

Remission of debt insurance

Protect your family or company with life insurance linked to your business credit facility. The full debt is waived if you die.

Purchase real estate or equipment with the KBC Brussels Investment Credit

With the KBC Brussels Investment Credit, you – as self-employed – can borrow money for large purchases (including real estate or a company car). Run a simulation and see your rate.

Cash budget credit facility

Staff holiday pay and year-end bonuses straining your cash flow? Keep your advance in current account free and spread your costs with a KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit.
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