KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility

Up to 5,000 euros
overdrawn with no fixed charges
  • Interest is tax-deductible
  • You don't pay anything if you don't overdraw your account
  • Full online management
Apply for a credit line to go overdrawn

What is a KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility?

KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility is a flexible credit line that allows you to overdraw your account up to a certain amount. You can continue to withdraw cash until you have reached the pre-agreed limit and repay the money at your own pace. A cash reserve allows you to anticipate foreseen and unforeseen cash deficits.

If you are looking for a convenient way to cover small, temporary cash deficits or unexpected business expenses, the KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility is the ideal solution, as it allows you to overdraw your business account.

Business owners looking to negotiate a supplier discount may also benefit from a cash reserve or revolving credit, as a discount often applies when suppliers are paid immediately in cash.

We provide you with a Business Budget Facility of 5,000 euros, which is placed on your business account for you to use at any time to cover your business expenses.

KBC Brussels offers several forms of revolving credit for your working capital. For business owners often faced with small cash deficits of up to 5,000 euros, the KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility is an ideal choice.

If you are looking for a solution to bridge the gap between your expenditure and income, and you regularly have cash deficits of more than 5,000 euros, we highly recommend the KBC Brussels Advance in Current Account or the KBC Brussels Business Credit via Straight Loans. These are subject to credit origination and management fees.

To find out more, compare the different solutions for your working capital.

No credit origination or management fees apply for the KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility. So, as long as you do not overdraw your account, you pay nothing at all!

If you do overdraw your account, you only pay interest on the amount actually overdrawn and only for the number of days your KBC Brussels account is in the red. And in any case, that interest is tax-deductible.

You can monitor, manage and sign for your budget facility online in KBC Brussels Mobile, KBC Brussels Touch and the KBC Brussels Business Dashboard. You can also use KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile to apply for a new credit facility. No paperwork is involved in drawing on this cash reserve and paying back what you've used. For instance, you don't have to submit any proof of investment.

Apply for a credit line to go overdrawn