KBC Brussels Touch: manage your business and personal accounts in a single app

KBC Brussels Touch: manage your business and personal accounts in a single app

Fast, easy online banking on your tablet and computer

Whether you're at home or on the go, KBC Brussels Touch lets you bank online anytime, anywhere.

Manage your business and personal accounts in a single app

If you have both private and business accounts with us, you can manage both in the same place.

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What is KBC Brussels Touch?

Simple, clear online banking with the option of managing your business and personal accounts in a single application – that’s KBC Brussels Touch. You can use this online app, therefore, as a businessperson and as a private individual. And that's not all. KBC Brussels Touch works on both your computer and tablet, which means you can quickly check your income and expenditure when you're on the go, for instance, or when you get home from work.

What you can do with KBC Brussels Touch (features)

  • Keeping personal and business accounts apart
  • Carry out transactions (transfers)
  • Transfers from your business account or KBC Brussels Plus Account are now made as standard in the fastest way possible the same or next day
  • Apply for, take out, draw down and manage business credit facilities
  • Displaying your business-related insurance
  • Check your available balance that includes your account balance, reserved amounts and overdraft facilities

If you're both a business client and a private client at KBC Brussels, you can also use the KBC Brussels Touch features for private individuals. Learn more.

Keeping personal and business accounts apart

KBC touch voor ondernemers

If you're both a private client and a business client at KBC Brussels, you can manage both environments neatly and completely apart from each other in KBC Brussels Touch. A visual distinction is made by means of colour coding (dark blue and light blue). This enables you to keep an eye on the bigger picture while allowing you to see your income and expenditure at a glance. Your beneficiary details are also kept apart. You can enter them yourself, indicating whether they relate to a personal or business beneficiary. 

If you're just a business client at KBC Brussels, KBC Brussels Touch is also the ideal tool for 'quick' online banking. You can see, among other things, the following overviews for your business-related expenditure:

  • Business expenditure grouped by recipient
  • Lists of all individual business-related transactions
  • Graphs with your business expenditure divided into categories
  • Discover more options now

Make credit transfers

Make business then personal transfers a few seconds later with the greatest of ease using KBC Brussels Touch. Sign multiple transfers at once by card reader or using the free itsme-app.

Request, take out and draw down credit facilities

Apply for, take out and draw down business credit facilities all right from our Touch app. It couldn’t be easier. Find out all about it.

Displaying your business-related insurance

In KBC Brussels Touch you can manage your business-related insurance anytime and anywhere:

  • Get an at-a-glance view of your business-related insurance with us.
  • See the pension reserves you've built up.

Bank quickly and easily online: follow the steps and get started with KBC Brussels Touch

And what about mobile banking for business?

Good news for smartphone users. As well as launching features for businesses in KBC Brussels Touch for use on your computer or tablet, we also have an app for your smartphone. Download the ‘KBC Brussels Mobile app and you’ll be able to distinguish easily between your business and personal accounts, since your personal accounts and transactions are shown in a different colour to your business ones.

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