KBC Cash Budget Credit

Pay holiday pay or year-end bonuses with the help of a KBC Cash Budget Credit

  • Top up your cash flow
  • Spread the cost of holiday pay and year-end bonuses over 12 months
  • Benefit from a fixed interest charge that is tax-deductible
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Why take out a KBC Cash Budget Credit?

Staff holiday pay and year-end bonuses constitute a serious investment for many businesses. A KBC Cash Budget Credit lets you pay your staff their holiday pay or end-of-year bonuses on time without straining your cash resources.

By taking out a loan to pay for a year-end bonus (the 'thirteenth month') or holiday pay, you spread your payroll costs over 12 months, while paying low interest charges. What's more, the interest and your loan-related charges are all tax-deductible.

Work out and apply for your KBC Cash Budget Credit online

During the simulation, you choose the amount you want to borrow. After some number-crunching, you'll receive a clear idea of your KBC Cash Budget Credit and the rate applying to it, the monthly repayments and associated charges. This ensures you know everything up front and so avoid any unwelcome surprises.

If you agree with the proposal, simply submit your application.

Application given the green light?

After your application has been approved, you will receive a credit contract. As soon as you have signed it, the KBC Cash Budget Credit will be made available for drawing down (online) through your digital channel.

Your repayments are deducted automatically from your account, spread over 12 months after your first drawdown.

Go for more financial protection by adding optional death cover to protect your family and business.

Work out your cash budget credit
Work out your cash budget credit
Our employees build up their entitlement to holiday and year-end allowances throughout the year, so why not spread the cost over a full year as well? Financing like this doesn’t cost that much either, letting me run my business carefree without having to set money aside.

Bart Verhoeven, director, Datacore

How do you calculate holiday pay and year-end bonuses?

In Belgium, there is no set way to calculate the payment of end-of-year bonuses. When calculating a so-called 'thirteenth month', you need to take account of the agreements in your sector, plus the fact that the calculation differs for each employee, i.e. it depends on:

• the gross monthly salary
• the employee's status (white-collar or blue-collar worker)
• the type of remuneration (fixed or variable)
• the number of years' seniority
• the number of dependent children

Source: SD Worx

How do you calculate the required amount?

  • White-collar staff: 92% of gross monthly salary (also called double holiday allowance)
  • Blue-collar staff: employer’s contribution of 10.27% of wages for the year in which the holidays were earned (at 108%)

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