Have holiday pay or year-end bonuses to pay?

KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit

Have holiday pay or year-end bonuses to pay?

KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit

Top up your cash flow

With our KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit, staff holiday pay and year-end bonuses won’t strain your cash resources.

Spread your costs

Repay over 12 months at your own pace.

Benefit from low interest charges

Pay only for what you draw down. Both interest and charges are tax-deductible.

Finance holiday pay and year-end bonuses now

Have staff holiday pay and year-end bonuses to pay soon? That may put pressure on your business’s cash flow. Keep your advance in current account free and spread your costs with low interest charges using a KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit.

Follow 52% of Belgian SMEs

Staff wages are often a serious investment. In addition to salary packages and fringe benefits, you may also have legally required extras to pay like holiday pay and year-end bonuses.

Opting to spread holiday pay and year-end bonus costs helps prevent staff salaries from straining your business’s cash resources by letting you top up your cash flow. With a KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit, your repayments are spread over 12 months with low interest charges.

Did you know that 52% of SMEs in Belgium get financing to spread these wage costs?

‘Our employees build up their entitlement to holiday and year-end allowances throughout the year, so why not spread the cost over a full year as well? Financing like this doesn’t cost that much either, letting me run my business carefree without having to set money aside.’

Bart Verhoeven, director, Datacore

Benefit from spreading repayments over time

Here’s how it works

The amount is up to you. Once we’ve approved your KBC Brussels Cash Budget Credit application, the amount is paid to your KBC Brussels-account.

Your repayments are deducted automatically from your account, spread over 12 months after your first drawdown. Go for more financial protection by adding optional death cover to protect your family and business.


Financing staff holiday pay

Get help with questions from KBC Brussels Live

Staff holiday pay

Still in two minds or have questions? Our digital apps let you contact our KBC Brussels Live experts while working things out and applying.

Finance holiday pay and year-end bonuses now

Uses for a Cash Budget Credit Facility

You can use our Cash Budget Credit Facility to finance paying your staff’s holiday pay and year-end bonuses.

Year-end bonuses

Spread the cost of your staff’s ‘thirteenth month’ of salary.

Holiday pay

  • White-collar staff: 92% of gross monthly salary (also called double holiday allowance)
  • Blue-collar staff: employer’s contribution of 10.27% of wages for the year in which the holidays were earned (at 108%)


How to apply

Apply for your cash budget credit facility online

* Decisions on business credit facilities of up to 150 000 euros should be available within 24 hours of applying online or by appointment, provided your application is complete.



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