Company equipment

Office facilities, IT equipment & machines

Company equipment

Office facilities, IT equipment & machines

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Most popular business equipment loans

All business equipment loans

Purchase real estate or equipment with the KBC Brussels Investment Credit

With the KBC Brussels Investment Credit, you – as self-employed – can borrow money for large purchases (including real estate or a company car). Run a simulation and see your rate.

Roll-Over Line of Credit

If you're planning commercial investments, such as taking over a business, you may wish to consider a KBC Roll-Over Line of Credit. And finance your investment in assets in the medium or long term.

Lease your business equipment with KBC Brussels

KBC Brussels can help you finance your business equipment through leasing. Find out all there is to know.

Rent your business equipment with KBC Brussels

Renting can help you finance the business equipment you need, such as IT gear, forklift trucks and solar panels. Find out all about it. 


Draw down and sign for business credit by app

Signing your business loan in KBC Brussels Touch

How to draw down your KBC Brussels Investment Credit in KBC Brussels Business Dashboard

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