Top up your investments

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Top up your funds

Adding to your fund investments has never been easier. When you’re on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop, you can now use KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch to quickly and safely add to your funds online.

Why add to your fund investments?

If you put money regularly into an investment fund, you stand a chance of earning higher returns. Of course, investing is never without risk. But as the investment adage goes: investors who want higher returns also have to take more risk, and vice versa.

Regularly adding to fund investments
Spreading your risk is almost always a good idea especially if you invest, simply because stock markets fluctuate all the time. Regularly adding to your funds means you don’t run the risk of buying everything at the wrong time, with all the consequences that would entail. The aim is to add to your funds at different times in order to spread the risk and build up your investment portfolio more consistently.

You don't have to be an investment expert
Don't follow the latest financial news? Well, that’s taken care of for you! Our fund managers keep a close eye on market trends and adjust their investment choices accordingly, based on their knowledge and understanding. They also select the shares, bonds or currencies that offer the best potential returns for you.

Top up your funds

Monitoring your investments online

You can now safely track your investments online on your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop. Learn more.