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Starting to invest has never been so easy

Invest for me

No time or wish to manage your investments yourself? You can easily have your money invested for you. Discover the KBC Brussels Easy Invest Service (Extra).

With an expert's investment advice

If investing is too challenging or time-consuming for you, KBC Brussels gives you the support and advice you need. Discover our services!

Investing small amounts of money

Why invest in investment funds?

How much does it cost to invest in investment funds?

Can you invest safely?

Which type of investment fund should you choose?

Why choose a life insurance policy?

How much money do you need to invest in it?

It is possible to invest even with small amounts of money. For larger amounts, however, numerous investment possibilities are available.

Time deposit account and savings certificates

You can count on receiving a guaranteed return with a time deposit account or savings certificate.

Investment fund offering

Looking for an investment fund? Check out KBC Brussels’s extensive offering of interesting investment ideas.

Class 23 life insurance

Want a higher return, or to set out your inheritance in detail? Discover KBC Brussels class 23 life insurance policies.

Why investing in bonds is attractive

Bonds are less risky than shares, and the return is also a little lower.

Why invest in shares

Go for a potentially higher return, without ever losing sight of the risks. Read on and find out more.

Bonds & government bonds

Looking for more security than a share and to receive a set rate of interest? There is certainly a place for bonds in your portfolio. Check out the offering.

An investment strategy tailored to you

The KBC Brussels investment strategy explained.

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