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Pension savings insurance plan

  • Tax relief each year
  • Guaranteed rate of interest on every deposit
  • Profit-sharing
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Why choose a pension savings insurance plan?

You can save for your pension with an insurance policy. You can build up a supplementary pension with tax relief with a pension savings insurance plan. Any taxpayer under the age of 65 can take out this kind of plan.

Opting for insurance gives you greater certainty around your return. You can count on receiving guaranteed interest income on every deposit.

The government backs supplementary pension savings. Each year that you save an amount, you receive a tax reduction of up to 30% the next year. So you save for later but enjoy an annual tax advantage now. The sooner you start saving for your pension, the more you can save on your tax each year and the greater your long-term benefit or return.

Return on pension savings insurance plans

The return on pensions savings insurance plans is determined by a variety of factors: the interest generated by each deposit, any profit share and each year you have to pay less tax.

Interest paid on each deposit

You could receive interest whenever you pay into your pension savings insurance plan. Pension savings insurance plans are available with guaranteed or unguaranteed interest. If you opt for a plan with a guaranteed income, you're certain of an income on each deposit. If the interest rate changes, that only affects deposits as of that date. Pension savings insurance plans are available with a guaranteed or unguaranteed return.


Each year, your return could be increased by a variable profit share depending on the results of the insurance company and developments on the financial markets, So you receive a great overall return.

It pays out long before you retire

You don't have to wait until you retire to enjoy the benefits of a pension savings insurance plan. From the first year you save, you enjoy a tax advantage. Anyone who pays tax receives an annual tax reduction on the amount saved. If you save the maximum amount allowed for tax purposes or less, you always receive a tax reduction of up to 30%, provided that you pay (sufficient) tax.

How much does a pension savings insurance plan cost?

With a pension savings insurance plan, you pay a percentage of entry charges on each amount you deposit. If you cash in your pension early, you also pay a percentage in exit charges.

In addition to an attractive tax advantage and a (potentially) fine income, you enjoy attractive final tax with pension savings. The tax is generally payable on your 60th birthday. If you start with a tax-advantageous savings scheme after turning 55, the tax charge is due after ten years.

If you cash in your pension early, the savings released are taxed more heavily. That's why we don't recommend that you cash in your pension savings insurance plan early.

Remember: the tax treatment will depend on your individual circumstances and may change in the future. For further details, including on the final tax charge, please contact your KBC Brussels branch.

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