How to log in and sign in KBC Brussels Touch

How to log in and sign in KBC Brussels Touch

First-time KBC Brussels Touch user

Using KBC Brussels Touch on your tablet for the first time? First set a 5-digit PIN for logging in and signing transactions.

Using the app on your computer for the first time? Keep your debit card and card reader handy.

You can now use the itsme app to log in to KBC Brussels Touch (including the first time), authorise transactions and sign documents.

See how to log in the first time on your computer or tablet

Existing KBC Brussels Touch user

KBC Brussels Touch for tablets

Logging in and signing using your PIN

Your PIN lets you log in and sign transactions securely.

The most you can transfer using your PIN (in KBC Brussels Touch and/or KBC Brussels Mobile) is 2,500 euros. If you want to transfer more than that, you’ll need your debit card and card reader.

If you’ve forgotten your PIN for KBC Brussels Touch, set a new one or log in using your card reader.

If you don’t have a PIN yet, here’s how to choose one.

KBC Brussels Touch for computers

Log in and sign transactions using your phone & itsme®

It’s handy, fast and always on you: use your smartphone and the itsme app to log in and authorise payments.

Logging in and signing using your debit card and card reader

If you prefer, you still also have the option of logging in the good old-fashioned way using a card readercombined with your debit card. That way, you can sign manually using your card reader’s keypad or with its scanner feature.

  • Keypad
    Enter the login and sign codes on your card reader, then confirm using your debit card PIN.

  • Scanner
    Scan the barcodes shown in the login and signing screens, then confirm using your debit card PIN.

If you don’t have one of our card readers, get one for free now.

We're here to help

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What is KBC Brussels Touch?

Touch is an app that lets you easily manage your banking and insurance online on your computer or tablet.

Meal vouchers: view your balance

You can now also check the balance of your meal vouchers on your smartphone

General questions about KBC Brussels Touch

Get help with things like problems using KBC Brussels Touch, a forgotten PIN or changing your settings.
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