New in KBC Brussels Mobile

March 2018

New in KBC Brussels Mobile

March 2018

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What is new in KBC Brussels Mobile?

Quickly calculate what your instalment loan will cost 

Working out your instalment loan is now easier than ever. Get your personalised rate in just a couple of minutes. If you're interested, you can take out your loan immediately in a couple of easy steps.

Manage your home loan admin online

It's really simple to pay bills financed by your home loan with us:

  1. Upload or take a photograph of the bill 
  2. Submit the application
  3. We check your application
  4. If we approved it, the funds are paid to your account. If something's wrong, we'll call and help you
  5. You can even opt to have contractor or supplier bills (once they've been checked) paid directly to them. You no longer have to do anything

Discover and activate Doccle

Activate Doccle through KBC Brussels Mobile and become a new user right away. If you're already registered, go straight to Doccle without having to log in again. Incidentally, you'll no longer be able to see the letters sent to Doccle or by post under your messages.

Automatic payments overview 

The automatic payments overview in KBC Brussels Mobile now shows planned credit transfers like standing orders, automatic savings orders, pension saving (Pricos) and investment instructions. You can also manage all of them (except Pricos) directly from there.

Adjust your credit card spending limits temporarily

You can now:

  • Permanently increase or lower the spending limit of any KBC Brussels credit card you've got (within the terms of your contract)
  • Temporarily increase the spending limit of your credit card over the contractual limit (only for KBC Brussels credit cards with a Flex Budget facility)

Manage your investment plan

Personalise your investment plan by naming it and/or adding a photo to make it instantly recognisable. Adjust or delete your automatic payments.

Manage your Pricos 

If you start pension saving in KBC Brussels Mobile, your portfolio is adjusted immediately. You can also pay additional deposits and adjust or remove automatic payments.


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