New in KBC Brussels Mobile

August 2018

New in KBC Brussels Mobile

August 2018

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What is new in KBC Brussels Mobile?

Easily adjust your limits

Need to transfer a large sum to another account? From now on, simply raise your limit yourself to 2,500 euros. Just confirm using your bank card and card reader and you're done.

New easy way to buy your bus or tram ticket

Need to quickly buy a bus or tram ticket from De Lijn just before you board? That's sorted out in a flash with KBC Brussels Mobile. Read more.

Efficiently manage your authorisations

Got powers of attorney over accounts or insurance policies? Now you can easily view and delete them and also grant news ones.

Block your card yourself at Card Stop

Lost or stolen card? You can now block it yourself at Card Stop – they'll see to the rest. Practical, fast and secure.


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