New in KBC Brussels Mobile

September 2017

New in KBC Brussels Mobile

September 2017

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What is new in KBC Brussels Mobile?



Do you get bills by e-mail, sent as PDF files? Now you can pay those too using KBC Brussels Mobile. It’s easy. Just open the PDF file, select the icon at the top and then hit ‘share‘ or ‘send to’ (Android) or ‘import’ (iPhone). A list of options at the bottom including KBC Brussels Mobile then appears. Opt for KBC Brussels Mobile to select the bill details and easily make the transfer in the app.

Keep a clear view of your account

Show amounts reserved on your account (like card payment pre-authorisations) that are already deducted from your available balance so you always know exactly how much you have for payments, transfers, cash withdrawals or other transactions.


Gift-wrap your transfers by adding a SurprisePay e-card. Perfect for times like sending money as a present to someone who’s just become a parent. The app shows them that you’ve sent them a SurprisePay transfer. If they don’t have our KBC Brussels Mobile app, no problem. You can also send them a SurprisePay message in other ways like e-mail, Facebook or WhatsApp.

Savings & investments

Mobile investing with advice

Financial savings and investment advice, attractively presented in language you can understand is what this new feature is all about. We ask you a few questions to get things going and find out who you are (risk profile) and what you know about investing (product knowledge questions). You can get started with investing right away, from as little as 50 euros per month.

Home and insurance

View details of products you have

See details of your insurance policies and loans for your home, family and vehicle right there on your mobile phone.

General features

Product catalogue

Tap the shopping trolley to see all the products we offer through KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch. Buy some of them right from the app and get sent to our website for others.

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