New in KBC Brussels Mobile

November 2018

New in KBC Brussels Mobile

November 2018

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What is new in KBC Brussels Mobile?

Buy your train ticket fast

Planning a train journey? With KBC Brussels Mobile on your phone, you can now buy your SNCB ticket in a flash. Open your app and tap 'Additional services'. It couldn’t be easier!

Easily open a new account

Like to open an additional account? Mobile gives you the freedom to do it on the go. And saves you a trip to your branch.

Effortlessly invest your spare change

You can use our new function to have your spare change invested automatically. For instance, if you spend 10.51 euros in a shop, we’ll take 11 euros off your account and add 49 cents to your investment plan. Learn more.

Overdraw your current account

Got an unpaid invoice? With just a few taps in Mobile, you can now take out a KBC Brussels Budget Facility. You can then easily go overdrawn on your current account if you need to.


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