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Free of charge
  • See to your banking and insurance needs 24/7
  • Benefit from lots of useful additional services
  • Use the best banking app in the world
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Download KBC Brussels Mobile
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What is KBC Brussels Mobile?

KBC Brussels Mobile is a free banking app for your smartphone that lets you bank securely on the go and do much more besides.

From checking your balance to transferring money and buying public transport tickets, you can do it all right from our top-rated app – even if you don't have an account with us.

Find out step-by-step how it works in our handy demos.

Get all the benefits

Best banking app in the world

Looking to bank with the best banking app on the market? Well you can with KBC Brussels Mobile! But don’t take our word for it. Independent research company Sia Partners thinks so too after naming KBC Brussels Mobile the best banking app in the world.

Take your bank with you wherever you go

Check your account balance, make urgent transfers, top up your pension savings plan and do more besides. Your bank's literally in your pocket with our Mobile app.

Bank without needing a card reader

Say bye-bye card reader when you bank on your phone. Your personal access code is all you need.

Stay fully secure
  • Bank safely only on devices you’ve already registered yourself
  • Log in and confirm transactions safely with your required PIN and lock your phone with an access code to double your security
  • Feel safe in the knowledge that our apps check your phone for viruses targeted at banks
  • Rest easy as we automatically close the app if you forget to do so
Make life easy with lots of great features
  1. Shop online without a card reader using MobilePay and a QR code
  2. Withdraw cash with your phone using MobileCash if you forget your wallet
  3. Pay bills simply by taking a photo of them
  4. Do much more than just transferring money:
  • Open a savings account
  • Apply for a prepaid card
  • Check your holiday insurance
  • Change your debit card limits
  • View and pay insurance invoices as well as bills sent to you through Zoomit
  • Start saving for your retirement
  • Check your credit card transactions
  • Open a security deposit savings account

5. Benefit from useful additional services for more convenience

  • Pay for parking with 4411
  • Park without taking a ticket
  • Rent a shared bike with ease
  • Order Sodexo service vouchers fast
Saving has never been easier

Get even more out of KBC Brussels Mobile with Kate Deals. You'll get attractive cashback offers from a range of well-known and local retailers.

Get started with KBC Brussels Mobile
Download KBC Brussels Mobile
Download KBC Brussels Mobile

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