KBC Brussels Mobile

KBC Brussels Mobile

Check your balance whenever you want

Do things like checking on the spot whether your salary has been paid onto your account or whether the cost of your much-needed holiday has been debited from it.

Bank without needing your bank card

With our KBC Brussels Mobile app, you can use your smartphone to withdraw or transfer money by simply scanning a QR code.

Bank the quick and easy way

Just a couple of taps and your PIN are all it takes to transfer money, load your prepaid card or pay in an online store.

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

What KBC Brussels Mobile can do for you

KBC Brussels Mobile is our handy, free app that lets you use your smartphone to

  • View current and savings account details
  • Transfer money
  • Transfer money between two smartphones
  • Withdraw cash from any KBC Brussels, CBC or KBC ATM
  • Load and unload your prepaid card
  • Pay for things you buy online
  • View and pay your insurance bills and other bills sent to you through Zoomit
  • Check your credit card transactions
  • Start saving for your pension

Give KBC Brussels Mobile a test drive

Download our smartphone app and try it out at no obligation in demo mode.

Unique features

Transferring money between friends - MobilePay

Transferring money between friends is easy with the KBC Brussels Mobile app. All you need to do to transfer money without using your bank card, card reader or account number, is scan the QR code you generate in the app. It's efficient, easy and secure.

Withdraw cash with your smartphone - MobileCash

Our KBC Brussels Mobile app's MobileCash facility lets you use your smartphone to withdraw cash from any KBC Brussels, CBC or KBC ATM. You just scan a QR code that appears on the ATM screen to withdraw money from your account. No more need for your bank card.

Paying with your smartphone - MobilePay

Paying with your smartphone is possible in every online store that offers the KBC/CBC Payment Button. You can use your smartphone and the 'Pay by MobilePay' facility to sign for payments without needing your card and card reader. All you need to do to sign transactions is enter your PIN.

When you see a KBC Brussels QR code at the shop's counters, it means that you can also pay there using your KBC Brussels Mobile app. Forgetting your bank card is no longer a problem because then you can pay using your smartphone. It's a simple as that.

Gift-wrap your transfers with SurprisePay

Know someone getting married or celebrating their birthday? Have a friend who just became a mother or bought a home for the first time? Surprise them with a personalised transfer in glitzy gift wrapping.
Our KBC Brussels Mobile app now lets you turn your transfers into gift cards with a personal photo or message. That includes transfers to people who don’t bank with us.

What KBC Brussels Mobile will cost you

KBC Brussels Mobile costs you absolutely nothing, although it does require an internet connection. That's why we provide free Wi-Fi in all of our bank branches so that you can easily check your account balance or withdraw cash using your smartphone.

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

Download KBC Brussels Mobile

Learn how to use and troubleshoot our KBC Brussels Mobile app with our handy guide.

KBC Brussels Mobile features


  • Transfer money in real time using your phone
  • Paying bills by scanning paper or digital transfers
  • Pay and get paid by QR code using MobilePay
  • Pay in shops and online stores using MobilePay on your phone
  • Pay up to two months later while the retailer receives their money immediately
  • Do you get bills by e-mail, sent as PDF files? You can pay those using SmartPaste
  • Gift-wrap your transfers by adding a SurprisePay e-card.

Savings & investments

Home and insurance

  • See details of your insurance policies and loans for your home, family and vehicle right there on your mobile phone.

Change your settings

  • Change your PIN
  • Personalise your app with a photo
  • Set limits for transferring money
  • Select current accounts you want linked to your smartwatch


  • Contact your branch or Card Stop directly

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