New in KBC Brussels Touch

August 2018

New in KBC Brussels Touch

August 2018

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What's new in KBC Brussels Touch

Easily adjust your limits

Need to transfer a large sum to another account using your tablet? From now on, simply raise your limit yourself to 2,500 euros. Just confirm using your bank card and card reader and you're done.

Sign your SEPA Credt Transfers with itsme

Already installed the handy itsme app? Be sure to do it. Then use it for logging in to KBC Brussels Touch and signing your SEPA Credit Transfers. Efficient and secure.

Help your child get started with K’Ching

Get started together with K’Ching, our free app for youngsters! Link your child's current account to K’Ching simply by creating a QR code in the ‘Family’ dashboard in KBC Brussels Touch. When your son or daughter scans the code, K’Ching is ready to go. Disabling features later is perfectly possible.

Save on energy bills with smart home improvements

Our partner Energyville provides advice on how you can make your home more energy efficient. We ask you a series of questions about your home and you get detailed proposals about investments, how long it takes for them to pay for themselves and how much you’d save.


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