New in KBC Brussels Touch

June 2018

New in KBC Brussels Touch

June 2018

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What's new in KBC Brussels Touch

Simulate your car insurance

From now on, you can simulate your car insurance policy by yourself all online: from liability insurance to the fully comprehensive insurance. Convinced? Take out your insurance policy online right away.

Manage who has access to your account information

Did you give others access to your account information? Go to your Settings for an overview of who can see your account information. You can also immediately suspend someone's access.

Temporarily increase your credit card limit

Need some extra money? With your KBC credit card without a flexbudget you can, up to 2 times a year, set a temporary increase of your limit. The increase shall take effect immediately and be valid for 30 calendar days. After that, you will automatically go back to your default limit.

Choose a higher limit for transfers

You can raise your limit from EUR 1,000 to EUR 2,500.

Consult Doccle in KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile

In the updated message centre of KBC Brussels Touch and KBC Brussels Mobile, you will find the overview of your documents.


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