Pay with the app that doubles as a loyalty card


Pay with the app that doubles as a loyalty card

Pay and get paid with ease

Lent cash to a friend or need to pay someone back? Find them in your phone contacts using their phone number or e-mail address without needing their bank details!

Pay in lots of places near you

Look out for the Payconiq logo in shops, restaurants and a growing list of other outlets to pay securely by Payconiq.

Save points

Payconiq can easily be linked to your joyn loyalty card so you always have it with you!

What is Payconiq?

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Payconiq is a smartphone app that lets you pay for things and have loyalty points saved automatically. No need to have a payment card, cash or banking details of someone you’re paying on you. All you need is your phone!

When might Payconiq be useful?

If you ever have to borrow money from a friend or chip in for a gift with a group of friends, it’s handy to have an account number. Payconiq does away with that. If your friend has Payconiq on their phone and you know their mobile number, that’s all it takes to send them money!

Going to pay at the till and then realising that you don’t have enough cash on you can be a real bummer. Sound familiar? Payconiq makes all that a thing of the past. Just look for the Payconiq logo at participating outlets to pay with ease in no time.

Your questions on Payconiq answered

Where can I pay by Payconiq app near me?

There’s a growing list of local shops that let you use the Payconiq app to pay. See where.

What are the limits for Payconiq payments?

A fixed daily limit applies to Payconiq payments (it can’t be changed). At ùùBANKùù, we’ve restricted this to 1 000 euros a day.

What does Payconiq cost?

Absolutely nothing! The app is free of charge and payments cost nothing either.

How do I pay in shops using Payconiq?

Look for the Payconiq logo to pay easily using the app. Open the app and select the shop from the list, then enter the amount to be paid and your PIN. The seller gets immediate confirmation of your payment.

You may be presented with a QR code. Scan it, enter your PIN to confirm and you’ve paid.

How do I transfer money to my family or friends using Payconiq?

Making transfers to those closest to you has never been easier. You don’t even need their banking details! Simply find them using their phone number and send them money instantly if they have Payconiq as well. If they don’t, just invite them to get the app too.

How do I pay using Payconiq and save loyalty points at the same time?

If you see the joyn logo in a shop, you can save loyalty points there. It’s easy to link your joyn, CityLife or Qustomer loyalty card to the Payconiq app. Citylife and Qustomer are now joyn too, but you can still use your old loyalty card.

The only thing you have to do afterwards is get a joyn QR code using Payconiq. The seller scans that with their tablet, then it’s simply a matter of confirming the payment using your PIN. And that’s it! You’ve paid and your loyalty points have been added. No more forgetting to take your loyalty card with you!

How do I link my KBC Brussels account to my Payconiq account?

When you install the Payconiq app on your phone, you indicate from which account payments are to be debited through our KBC Brussels Mobile app. Select and confirm your chosen account to make payments using the Payconiq app.

How does my business offer Payconiq as a way to pay?

Running your own business and want to give your customers the added option of paying using their phone? Find out how now.

Wish there was an app for making payments and saving loyalty points all in one?

Install the Payconiq app for free on your phone
Link your KBC Brussels account to Payconiq using our KBC Brussels Mobile app
Get started with Payconiq

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