Current Accounts

Current Accounts

KBC Brussels Plus Account

  • Extensive payment package
  • Credit card of your choice
  • Open online

Young person’s account

Under 25 and want a current account with lots of free benefits? Open a KBC Brussels Plus Account online now!

KBC Brussels Budget Facility

  • Handy at the end of the month
  • Enjoy additional financial scope
  • Go up to 750 euros below zero

Frozen accounts

Accounts sometimes need to be frozen, but can be unlocked again. Learn more about frozen accounts.

Open a joint account

A joint account is a current account in your name and the name of one or more other individuals. 

KBC Brussels Basic Banking Service

  • Limited number of services
  • Provided for by law
  • Online and mobile banking

KBC Brussels Plus Account for expats

  • The all-inclusive account from KBC Brussels
  • Choice of credit card
  • Easy to open online

Open a current account