Current account made just for you

KBC Brussels Plus Account

Current account made just for you

KBC Brussels Plus Account

Extensive payment package

2 debit cards and online banking capability. Plus many additional services, such as cash withdrawals in Europe.

Convenience banking at a fixed monthly price

The cost depends on which credit card you go for.

Open an account with us from abroad

Apply for a current account online before moving to Belgium as an expat.

Open your current account with a Belgian ID card
Open your account with a foreign ID card

Looking to bank with convenience, and to carry out more than just routine banking transactions? If so, then the KBC Brussels Plus Account is exactly what you're after.

Get your current account and more

KBC Brussels Plus Account: a current account made just for you

Pay multiple ways

  • Get two debit cards that let you pay by contactless
  • Personalise your debit card with a favourite photo twice a year
  • Replace your card if needed
  • Opt for a credit card

Bank with ease

  • Bank online on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Pay immediately by instant credit transfer
  • Make euro cash withdrawals at any ATM in Europe
  • Do your banking at our ATMs or branches
  • Make paper-based transfers in euros at the counter

Free service available through KBC Brussels Mobile: digital safe

Your digital safe is where you store valuable and confidential details like passwords, credit card numbers, warranties and diplomas. Only you can access your safe. You decide what to share with others.

Apple Pay

Our Plus Account also lets you use your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or MacBook to pay by Apple Pay.

Free options

  • Notifications (text alerts for 'secure card use', 'rejected payment orders' and 'incoming payments')
  • Overdraft facility (KBC Brussels Budget Facility)
  • Replacement card reader


The cost of your account depends on which credit card you select.

If you don't take a credit card                               

3.25 euros per month

If you take a KBC Brussels Silver Credit Card

4.25 euros per month

If you take a KBC Brussels Gold Credit Card 

7.25 euros per month

If you take a KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card

10.25 euros per month


Open an account with your smartphone

  1. 1. Install the free KBC Brussels Mobile app
  2. 2. Take a photo of your identity card
  3. 3. Take a selfie

You can use your account immediately!

Use your debit card right after opening your account

Open your account online to use your card even before receiving it. Our KBC Brussels Mobile app is updated with your card details so you can already use them to make payments. Simply link your card to your Apple Wallet, Google Pay app, Fitbit app or wearable to pay right away using your smartphone, smartwatch or wearable.

Apply for an account from abroad

Even if you don’t currently have Belgian citizenship or a permanent address in Belgium, you can still apply online for a current account with us. All you need to do once you arrive in Belgium is go to your branch to sign for and get your debit card.

More info

More info

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