Switching banks in just 3 steps

Bank Switching Service

Switching banks in just 3 steps

Bank Switching Service

Switching to KBC Brussels

Switching to us is easy with the free Bank Switching Service. Simply choose when and we’ll move your current accounts and all your regular payments to us. We'll look after all the paperwork so you don’t need to worry about that either. Virtually everything will be sorted for you in 8 working days.

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1. Open a KBC Brussels current account

Do it online or in a KBC Brussels branch near you.


2. Fill in your application

Download your application (in Dutch) to switch banks and fill it in.  Add a copy of each signatory's ID card.


3. Send us your application

  • By e-mail
  • Or send everything via a message in KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile
  • Or send an e-mail to a KBC Brussels branch near you
  • Or make an appointment at a KBC Brussels branch near you

Closing your account at your old bank

  1. Open an account with us at one of our branches if you don’t already have one with us
  2. Apply to change banks
  3. Make an appointment to hand in your application to your chosen KBC Brussels branchHeb je nog geen KBC Brussels-rekening?

Remember to do the following

1. Inform those making payments to you

Check who makes regular payments to you. For instance, that could be your employer, benefits agency (for unemployment or child benefit), health insurance fund, tax authority or pension service.

The following documents will make things easier for you: 

2. Move your direct debits

If you pay recurring expenses like your electricity, Internet, TV or insurance bills by direct debit, use this notification of change of current account document (in Dutch) to inform the suppliers. They will then send you a mandate form, which you should sign and forward to us.

Your savings accounts and investments

If you want to fully switch to KBC Brussels, you can also move your savings accounts or investments from your old bank. However, you’ll have to switch those yourself. The staff at your KBC Brussels branch will be pleased to help you.

We're here to help

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