Current Accounts

Current Accounts

KBC Brussels Plus Account

  • Extensive payment package
  • Credit card of your choice
  • Open online

KBC Brussels Plus Account for expats

  • The all-inclusive account from KBC Brussels
  • Choice of credit card
  • Easy to open online

Young person’s account

Under 25 and want a current account with lots of free benefits? Open a KBC Brussels Plus Account online now!

Open a joint account

A joint account is a current account in your name and the name of one or more other individuals. 

Frozen accounts

Accounts sometimes need to be frozen, but can be unlocked again. Learn more about frozen accounts.

KBC Brussels Budget Facility

  • Handy at the end of the month
  • Enjoy additional financial scope
  • Go up to 750 euros below zero

KBC Brussels Basic Banking Service

  • Limited number of services
  • Provided for by law
  • Online and mobile banking

Open a current account

Open your KBC Brussels Current Account with itsme® and make your first funds transfer jright away. It's fast, easy and secure!