Become a customer at KBC Brussels

Your financial partner in the capital

Become a customer at KBC Brussels

Your financial partner in the capital

Tailored approach

We will assist you with specific and relevant advice. Our staff have a thorough understanding of local legislation. You can even open an account from abroad.

A heart for Brussels

KBC Brussels wants to become the financial partner for everybody who lives or works in Brussels and brings the city to life.

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Use our innovative apps to do your everyday banking, save money, take out a loan and more. Do it all conveniently in no time, where and when you want.

A heart for Brussels

Brussels is a marvellous capital. Multicultural, welcoming and vibrant, with a lively commercial centre. Brussels is a village, a city, a metropolis and a European capital all at once, which means it has a rare diversity. Until now, no single bank-insurance institution has offered an approach tailored specifically to these unique circumstances in Brussels.

KBC Brussels wants to become the financial partner for everybody who lives or works in Brussels and brings the city to life. We want to help our current and future clients with their personal and professional plans by providing solutions that are tailored to housing, mobility and enterprises in Brussels.

Tailor-made for Brussels

Whatever your connection with the capital, you know better than anyone else that Brussels is unique. The regulations in the capital differ in many respects from what applies in Flanders and Wallonia; there is enormous diversity in terms of languages and cultures; every neighbourhood has its own individual character; and the traffic situation is an adventure in itself. At KBC Brussels, we believe that these specific properties require a tailored approach. An example? We have set up a procedure that allows future expats to open their accounts from abroad.

KBC Brussels employees know the local market and regulations like the back of their hand. We will assist you with specific and relevant advice

Get our top online banking apps

With KBC Brussels, you can count on cutting-edge apps for your smartphone, PC and tablet. Do daily banking, save for a rainy day or your retirement, take out a loan, work out what your home project will cost you and more besides. Do it all quickly and easily yourself when it suits you best, wherever you are.

Enjoy great features that make life easy. Use your phone to withdraw money without even needing your card. Pay or get paid back by a friend without needing to use your card or exchange bank details.

KBC Brussels claims its corporate social responsibility

As a bankinsurer, the KBC Group, of which KBC Brussels is a member, intends to meet the expectations of all the stakeholders involved, not only today but also tomorrow.

Four pillars reflect our overall sustainability strategy:

  • We put our customers at the centre of all our activities
  • We make every effort to offer our clients a unique bank&insurance experience
  • We focus on the long-term development of our group and thus aim for sustainable and profitable growth
  • We fully assume our responsibilities to society and local economies

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24/7, on your smartphone, tablet or PC. Open accounts, work out loans or take out an insurance.
Bank the quick and easy way

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