New in KBC Brussels Mobile

December 2020

New in KBC Brussels Mobile

December 2020

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What is new in KBC Brussels Mobile?

Making payments is now even easier with Payconiq

Now, you no longer need a separate app for Payconiq. In shops and among friends, you can simply use Payconiq via KBC Brussels Mobile.

Easily file a claim for car damage?

If you have KBC Brussels Car Insurance, you can now easily file a claim for your damage and follow up on your file via KBC Brussels Mobile should you be involved in an accident.

Learn about the new additional services

Discover the new and practical Additional services: eBox (the government's digital mailbox), Brussels Airport (access to the Fast Lane and the Diamond Lounge), and a digital vault (exclusively for holders of the KBC Brussels Plus Account and young person's accounts).

A good overview at all times

Discover your personal KBC Brussels Mobile app view, which will keep you up to date on your financial matters at a glance, and on the services and deals we have in store for you.

Saving has never been easier

Get even more out of KBC Brussels Mobile with Kate Deals. You'll get attractive cashback offers from a range of well-known and local retailers.

Say hello to Kate, your personal digital assistant

Meet Kate, who’s always there for you in KBC Brussels Mobile. See how she can make your life easier.

Insure your motorbike easily

Eyeing up a new motorbike? Insure it in no time right from our app!

See our new additional services

Support cancer charity Kom op tegen Kanker at the tap of a button, get the best energy deals with June and do much more beside.

See more on your savings and investments

Track your investments and their returns and see full product details.


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