Using your Pinto Visa card

Using your Pinto Visa card

This credit card is no longer being sold, so information on this page is just for existing card holders.

If you have any queries about your card, contact KBC Brussels Live or your KBC Brussels branch.

Frequently asked questions

Stopping your Pinto Visa card

Lost your Pinto Visa card, or had it stolen or retained in an ATM? Act without delay! Block your card with KBC Brussels Mobile or call Card Stop on 070 344 344 (0.30 euros a minute). Card Stop will block your card and ensure you get a new one. Card Stop can be contacted at any time.

What to do if your card has been stopped

First of all, contact your KBC Brussels branch. Depending on why the card has been stopped, they may be able to reactivate it for you. If not, they will cancel and replace it for you.

Your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa will be automatically stopped if:

  • You enter the wrong PIN three times in a row
  • You forget your card in an ATM or payment terminal
  • The current account linked to your card has been overdrawn for too long
  • Your credit contract with us terminates

If you forget your PIN

If you forget the PIN for your Pinto Visa credit card, contact your KBC Brussels branch. A member of staff there will arrange for you to choose a new PIN at a KBC Brussels-Matic ATM or for a new one to be posted to your home address.

Changing your PIN

You can change your Pinto Visa credit card's PIN any time at any KBC Brussels or other bank's ATM.

If your Pinto Visa card is defective

If your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa stops working, get in touch with your KBC Brussels branch. Our staff there will check the card and its functions and – if necessary – ensure that it is replaced as quickly as possible. If the branch is closed for business, just contact KBC Brussels Live. Our staff there will do the necessary.

If your Pinto Visa card is about to expire

A few weeks before your card expires, we'll send you a new one as standard.

Paying at filling stations with your credit card

If you want to be able to use your credit card to pay outside at the pump for refuelling at a filling station, you’ll need to make sure that there’s at least 125 euros on your card. This is usually the amount filling station owners hold as a reserve on your card (though it can be more than that). It comes off the available balance on your card even before you've finished filling up and the exact amount is known. The actual cost of your fill-up will be charged to your card a couple of days afterwards, when the reserve on your card is released.

Using your Pinto Visa card abroad

Your Pinto Visa card is accepted worldwide. It's only when you travel to the US that you have to take additional measures to ensure that you can use your card there.
You can easily activate your KBC Brussels credit card with KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch. Contact your KBC Brussels branch or call KBC Brussels Live.

Is it more expensive to pay using my credit rather than debit card abroad?

In non-EU member states, it's always cheaper to pay by Pinto Visa card than by KBC Brussels Bank Card (Maestro). The fee for cash withdrawals depends on the transaction amount.

What does it cost to use my Pinto Visa card abroad?

The table below shows the charges for using your card abroad.
Learn more about making cash withdrawals and payments

Can I raise or lower the limits on my Pinto Visa card?

Can I withdraw cash using my Pinto Visa card and how do I repay that?

You can repay at your own pace.

Each month, you repay at least 5.6% (5% if your credit limit is over 5,000 euros) of the balance due, with a minimum payment of 25 euros. The corresponding amount is then debited automatically from your account. Needless to say, if the amount due is less than 25 euros, you only have to repay the actual amount.

Say, for example, you have a credit limit of 2,500 euros. Here are three different scenarios for a particular month:

  1. The balance due is 1,500 euros
    5.6% x 1,500 euros = 84 euros. So, your minimum repayment for the month is 84 euros.
  2. The balance due is 100 euros
    5.6% x 100 euros = 5.6 euros. That amount will be increased to the minimum of 25 euros. So, your minimum repayment for the month is 25 euros.
  3. The balance due is 15 euros
    Since you only owe 15 euros, the minimum repayment condition is not applied. So, your repayment for the month is 15 euros.
If you pay back the remaining amount before the fifth calendar day of the month, you will not have to pay any interest.
You must clear the balance on your card within the statutory debt clearance period.
Remember there is a limit to how long you have to repay the outstanding balance (this is known as the debt clearance period). This is the maximum number of consecutive months that your credit account may show a debit balance. When you have paid off the balance due and you use your credit card again, a new debt clearance period will be set for the same period as the initial one.
The length of the debt clearance period depends on how much your credit limit is. We'll let you know well in advance when that period will end.

Extended guarantee and purchase protection insurance for electrical and electronic equipment²

You get two years’ extra guarantee on top of the legally required two years warranty on any electrical and electronic equipment and DIY materials that you pay for using your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa. And your purchases are protected against theft and accidental damage for up to 90 days after purchase.

Main conditions:

  • Your purchase must be for at least 50 euros
  • You must pay for the item entirely with your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa
  • Your purchase must appear in the list of items covered (only for the two-year extended warranty)
  • Claims must be accompanied by the original till receipt or invoice, together with your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa billing statement
  • You must still hold your KBC Brussels Pinto Visa when you file your claim

Financial protection insurance

If you have gone for the KBC Brussels Flex Budget facility, you can add our optional financial protection insurance for a small fee each month. This covers you:

  • If you are forced by violence or under threat of violence to withdraw cash at an ATM or if you are robbed within 24 hours of withdrawing cash at an ATM
  • If you die (any outstanding balance on the date of death will be covered)
  • If you are completely unfit for work for more than two months (solely for persons who carry out a regular professional activity). The compensation is equal to the minimum monthly repayment required by law (i.e. 5.6% of the outstanding balance), plus the monthly member contribution payable during the period of total work disability
  • If you are admitted to hospital for at least seven consecutive days (solely for persons who don't (no longer) have a professional activity). The compensation is twice the minimum monthly repayment required by law (i.e. 5.6% of the outstanding balance), plus the monthly member contribution payable.


Situations where it does not apply include:


  • If work disability is the result of drug use or drunkenness
  • If the financial loss resulting from a forced cash withdrawal or robbery following a cash withdrawal is due to a deliberate act or complicity on the part of the insured person, persons living with him/her, or blood relatives or relatives by marriage in the direct line

KBC Brussels Pinto Visa Card charges

KBC Plus Account with KBC Pinto Visa

3 euros a month

Cash withdrawals at ATMs

1.5% of the amount (minimum charge of 3.72 euros)

Transfers to your current account

1.5% of the amount (minimum charge of 3.72 euros)

Annual debit interest rate

The annual debit interest rate is variable. It is 10.25% per year for a KBC Brussels Pinto Visa credit limit of 2 500 euros.

Representative example of an annual percentage rate of charge and debit interest rate

All these charges result in an annual percentage rate of charge of 12.43%, calculated on the basis of the following assumptions (Book VII of the Economic Law Act):

  • The KBC Brussels Pinto Visa card has the standard credit limit of 2 500 euros
  • The applicable credit limit is used immediately and in full to pay a retailer Paying a retailer is the most common way the card is used, and transaction charges don't apply in such cases
  • The credit has a term of one year
  • The debit interest rate cannot be changed (despite the clause in the general terms and conditions regarding changes to the rate of debit interest)
  • The credit amount is repaid in equal monthly instalments at the end of each term

Payment of debit interest and charges is done in accordance with the projected credit use and principal repayments and at the times contractually specified in the general terms and conditions.

Financial protection insurance

> 0.35% per month (for 1 insured person)
> 0.65% per month (for 2 insured persons)
of the amount spent on the card

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Attention, borrowing money also costs money

Purchase protection insurance

Torn your new coat? The Purchase protection insurance covers the costs up.

Online purchase protection insurance

Was your online purchase damaged on delivery? The Online purchase protection insurance will cover the costs

Delayed flight or missed connection?

Are you a regular flyer? This insurance will pay your additional expenses in the event of delays or overbooking.

How do I apply for a credit card online?

You can apply for a credit card quickly and easily from home using KBC Brussels Touch. We'll show you how.