Co-living in Brussels

The new approach to communal living and working that suits both millennials and property investors!

Batibouw 2018: give life to your Brussels property projects

Energy performance, space optimisation, adhering to building codes: a home in Brussels carries a number of challenges with it.. Batibouw and KBC Brussels help you meet them.

Property prices in Brussels

Living in Brussels. An apartment or a house? Fixed or variable-rate mortgage? Find out what a place to live will cost you in Brussels.

New forms of real estate investment in Brussels

Garages, student digs, service flats. There are many ways to diversify your real estate investments in Brussels. Get advice by talking to the specialists at KBC Brussels.

Real estate in Brussels: up-and-coming neighbourhoods

Brussels is experiencing a real population boom. 100,000 new homes are due to be built by 2025. A look at the main developments and their neighbourhoods.

Housing grants and allowances in Brussels

Renovating, improving, insulating, heating your home... There are many grants available to Brussels citizens.

Living in Brussels

Life in Brussels is unique and fascinating. We are happy to offer you advice on buying, investing, building or converting.

All about the Brussels property market

We have the answers to all your questions about real-estate prices, finance and the subsidies available in the capital.