Got family-related product queries?

Frequently asked questions

Got family-related product queries?

Frequently asked questions

Travel insurance

What's the difference between an insurance policy for a single trip and one for all your travel?

Insurance for a single trip is temporary cover you take out for a specific period of time for a one-off premium.

Insurance for all your travel is renewed and you pay an annual premium to cover all your travel insurance needs. This type of insurance can be cancelled any time if you no longer need it.

How do I confirm that I have read the information?

Scroll down through and read all the information carefully. Once you reach the bottom, you can say that you've done so by tapping 'Confirm'.

How do I take out travel insurance in KBC Brussels Mobile?

You can see any insurance you currently have in just two steps. If you're still not adequately insured for your trip, you can add optional cover afterwards. Just read all the insurance details, select your account number and contact person, and you're done.

Adding a child to your family situation view

Can I add any child to my family situation view in the app?

Only children of up to 18 years of age who are resident in Belgium can be added.

Does my child have to be a KBC Brussels customer to be added to my family situation view?

No. Once registered, children become customers with us.

Why can’t I see my child in my family situation view now that I’ve registered them?

It takes two banking days for them to be added to your family situation view. Parents are informed by e-mail when this has been done. We’ll also e-mail you if we need more information from you or are unable to register your child.

Accident insurance

What is accident insurance?

Personal accident insurance covers you, your partner and your children against the financial consequences of an accident.
Accidents like falls while cycling or skiing or serious burns while barbecuing aren’t always fully covered by your health insurance fund or hospitalisation insurance when it comes to reimbursing your medical expenses. Our personal accident insurance does cover such expenses for up to five years after your accident. It also provides financial support for your loved ones if you become permanently physically disabled or die. That could be for things such as buying a wheelchair, modifying your home (like installing a lift), adapting your car, purchasing an assistance dog, or covering other investments and costs after the accident.

How do I take out this insurance?

Go to the ‘More’ menu, then tap ‘Family > New loan or insurance > Get personal accident cover’.

When can you obtain assistance under the insurance, how much does it cost and how much will be paid out?

See our website for full details of our accident insurance.

General questions about KBC Brussels Touch

Get help with things like problems using KBC Brussels Touch, a forgotten PIN or changing your settings.
General questions about KBC Brussels Touch

Pay easily and securely in shops, among friends and online

Refund your friends, pay your purchases safely and always carry your loyalty cards. All you need is a smartphone and the Payconiq app!
Pay easily and securely in shops, among friends and online

Delayed flight or missed connection?

Are you a regular flyer? KBC Brussels will pay your additional expenses in the event of delays or overbooking.
Delayed flight or missed connection?

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