Bank card

KBC Brussels Bank Card

Bank card

KBC Brussels Bank Card

Personalise your card

Give your KBC Brussels Bank Card a personal touch by adding your favourite photo.

Pay with contactless

There's no more need to insert your card and enter your PIN with one of our contactless bank cards. Just touch the special reader to pay securely in seconds.

Pay virtually anywhere

Pay effortlessly with your card in lots of places like shops, filling stations, restaurants and even online*.

Apply for a bank card

Terms and conditions

To get a bank card for yourself, your partner or one of your children, you need to be:


Need a bank card, but don't bank with us yet? Open a current account. You'll receive your bank card by post within five banking days.

Bank card features

Betalen met je bankkaart

Make payments and withdraw cash

Use your bank card to make secure, fast payments in Europe1 anywhere you see the Bancontact/MisterCash or Maestro/Cirrus logos at retailers, online shops and ATMs. See our cash withdrawal charges.

Bank online

You need your bank card and card reader to be able to bank online free of charge (using KBC Brussels Touch).

Personalise your bank card

Do your routine banking

Your card gives you access to the ATM lobby of any KBC Brussels or CBC branch, where you can use it 24/7 to carry out a range of everyday banking transactions.

Pay without entering your PIN

You can pay for purchases of up to 25 euros without entering your PIN at all pay points that don't have a number keypad (vending machines and car park ticket machines). Just insert your card into the terminal and confirm the payment by pressing 'OK'.

Pay by contactless

If the front of your bank card has the contactless (radio wave) symbol on it, you can use it to make contactless payments. Look for the same symbol in shops and other outlets that accept these payments.


  KBC Basic Account KBC Brussels Plus Account
Bank card
Second bank card
0.50 euros a month
Extra bank card
0.50 euros a month 0.50 euros a month
Replacement bank card 6 euros
Bank card personalised with a photo
10 euros 
Included (twice a year)

Bank card limits

Standard limits

Daily cash withdrawal limit
650 euros 120 euros
Weekly cash withdrawals limit
2,500 euros 900 euros
Weekly payments limit
2,500 euros 900 euros

You can raise or lower the limits for your bank card at any time in KBC Brussels Touch.

Maximum limits

  Adults Minors
Maximum daily cash withdrawal limit
2,500 euros 500 euros
Maximum weekly cash withdrawal limit
10,000 euros 5,000 euros
Maximum weekly payments limit
10,000 euros 2,500 euros
Maximum PIN-less payment limit*
25 euros per purchase
25 euros per purchase

*If you make several purchases one after the other at a payment terminal that hasn't got a number keypad (vending machines or car park ticket machines) and they add up to 50 euros or more, you then have to pay using your PIN or enter your PIN at an ATM before you can make another PIN-less payment.


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Replacing a faulty bank card

Replacing a faulty bank card

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