Going overdrawn

Arranged overdraft [KBC Brussels Budget Facility]

Going overdrawn

Arranged overdraft [KBC Brussels Budget Facility]

Cover urgent expenses

A KBC Brussels Budget Facility allows you to temporarily overdraw your account up to 1,250 euros, avoiding the need to dip into your savings.

No overdraft = no charges

If there's enough money on your account in a given month and you don't need to overdraw it, you pay nothing.

Three months to make your account positive again

You have up to three months to get your current account back in credit.

Make an appointment

Access to additional funds can come in handy at times

Going overdrawn

It could be that you want to make a large payment or allow yourself something extra, but you aren't sure whether your salary has been paid into your account.

Or you urgently need to pay a large bill, but you've noticed last month's spend on your credit card has just been debited from your account. With the KBC Brussels Budget Facility, you can make that payment with peace of mind.

Up to 750 euros

With a KBC Brussels Budget Facility, you can go overdrawn by up to 750 euros and you have a month to get your account back in credit. If you'd like to increase your overdraft facility or clear it over several months instead of one, get in touch with KBC Brussels Live or drop by your local branch.

No fixed charges

If your account remains in credit, you don’t pay anything. You only pay for the amount you're overdrawn by and the days your account is overdrawn.

How much does it cost to go overdrawn?

Overdraft facility

We charge interest at a rate of 10.48% on the amount you're overdrawn by. For instance, if you go 100 euros overdrawn for two days, you pay interest of just 0.06 euros.

When is the interest calculated?

Every three months, we calculate how much interest you have to pay. If it's more than 2.50 euros, it'll be automatically deducted from your current account. If it's 2.50 euros or less, it'll be added to any interest for the next three-month period.

How long can you be overdrawn?

If you go overdrawn, you have exactly one month to clear your debit balance. Once your account has been back in credit for at least one day, you can dip into your overdraft facility again.

(Your KBC Brussels Budget Facility contract continues as before, unless you cancel it one month in advance by registered post.)

Choose your own account

Link your Budget Facility to your KBC Brussels Plus Account. If you're self-employed and have business expenses, you can link your business account to a KBC Brussels Business Budget Facility.

Get it online

Whether you're at home or on the go, it's easy to take out a KBC Brussels Budget Facility in KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch. Not with us yet? Come and talk to us at one of our branches or contact KBC Brussels Live.

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

The KBC Brussels Budget Facility is a credit facility in the form of an authorised debit balance on an account. Subject to your credit application being approved by KBC Bank NV. Lender: KBC Bank NV, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels.

The annual percentage rate of charge is calculated on the basis of the full and immediate drawdown of this credit facility at a debit interest rate that remains the same for three months. The principal is to be repaid after three 'equal' months. The first interest payment is made after one day, the second after three equal months.

A KBC Brussels Budget Facility can only be linked to a current account that you use solely for private purposes.

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