Why use a credit card?

Why use a credit card?

What's a credit card or prepaid card?

Credit cards and prepaid cards are payment cards that can be used to buy things in places like shops, restaurants and online stores. They can also be used to withdraw cash from ATMs.

What's the difference between the two?

The difference between a credit card and a regular debit card is that the money is not withdrawn from your current account right away. Either you pay the full amount on a fixed day each month, or you pay off your spending in instalments. With a prepaid card, you only pay with the money on your card and there’s no link to your current account.

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The benefits of a credit card or prepaid card

An essential travel companion

Pay for your stay, plane tickets or rental car simply and securely with your credit card or prepaid card.

With a credit card and prepaid card, you can pay and withdraw cash worldwide.

  • Sail through tollbooths: If you drive on toll roads, be sure not to get caught out. In France you cannot always use the Belgian Bancontact or Maestro facility to pay. You can pay instead with your credit card and it's also quicker than paying with cash. You cannot use your prepaid card, however, to pay at a tollbooth.
  • Fill up with fuel: Pay at the pumps using a credit card or prepaid card at virtually any filling station so you're back on the road again in no time.

  • No need to pay the deposit in advance
    If you've booked accommodation and need to put down a deposit in advance, just use your credit card. The amount is reserved on the card and released again afterwards, so you don't need to advance the amount yourself.
    If you prefer to use your prepaid card, don't forget to top up your card in advance so you have enough money on it to pay the deposit.
  • Wining and dining
    Even the smallest restaurants will accept your credit card or prepaid card. Having one on you will help avoid an embarrassing moment when you're handed the bill.

Whether it's paying the road tolls, going to a restaurant or renting a car, it's sometimes difficult keeping track of all your expenses when on holiday. Each month, you receive a billing statement with a clear list of your transactions during the past month.

Pay less outside Europe

Travel regularly to non-European countries? Outside the euro area, paying and withdrawing larger amounts of cash (120 euros or more) costs less with a credit card or prepaid card than with a debit card.

Amerika Verenigde Staten VS USA

If you're travelling to the United States, you need to activate your card for use there.
Make sure to do the same

  • when you go on a cruise, because most liners sail under the American flag
  • if you intend renting a car from an American company

Don't forget that car rental companies usually don't accept prepaid cards.

Protection against fraud

The law requires that a credit card or prepaid card comes with insurance against fraud.

If your account is debited with an amount that you didn't spend using your credit or prepaid card, the issuer of the card in question will refund the money that was incorrectly taken from the account.

Pay by contactless

You can also easily use your credit card or prepaid card to pay by contactless. Simply hold your card close to the payment terminal and make payments of up to 50 euros without having to enter your PIN.

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The benefits of a credit card

Extra protection when you travel

A credit card often also comes with insurance that's useful if you travel regularly.

  • What if your child suddenly falls ill and can't go to holiday camp?
  • Or one of your grandparents needs to go into hospital which means you can't go away on holiday or you need to cut your holiday short?

Travel cancellation insurance is linked to the KBC Brussels Gold Credit Card and KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card. This insurance reimburses some or all of your costs if you have to cancel or cut short your trip.

  • Flight delayed?
  • Or missed your flight because your train was late?

If so, this insurance will cover the what you spend on getting something to drink or eat while you're waiting should the airline refuse to reimburse these costs. Please note that this additional travel protection only comes with the KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card.

If you arrive at your destination, but your luggage hasn't and you need to buy new clothes, this insurance will reimburse you for some of what you spent on urgent purchases. Please note that this additional travel protection only comes with the KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card.

  • Rented a car while abroad?
  • And was it damaged or stolen?

This insurance reimburses the car insurance excess on your rental vehicle. Please note that this additional travel protection only comes with the KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card.

Extra protection when you buy something

Some credit cards also offer you extra financial protection for your purchases.

If you bought an expensive sweater and a week later you tear your sleeve on a door handle, this insurance protects you against such mishaps or theft for a few days after your purchase.

If your dishwasher, TV or power drill suddenly gives up the ghost after three years and your warranty has expired, this insurance will pay for the repair or replacement of your device during the extended warranty period.

  • Bought a fridge on the Internet but it was damaged when it arrived?
  • Or was the wrong device delivered?

If this happens, we will make sure you get your money back if the supplier refuses to accept responsibility. Please note that this additional protection only comes with the KBC Brussels Gold Credit Card and KBC Brussels Platinum Credit Card.

Shop safely on the web

If you pay with your credit card and it shows Verified by Visa or Mastercard SecureCode, it means you're also paying 100% securely. Confirming your payments using your card reader or mobile banking app offers another layer of security.

Spread your spending

Expecting an expensive month? You pay for what you spent in the previous month when you receive your billing statement the following month.

Spreading your repayments over several months can also be arranged. In exchange for a certain rate of interest, you choose how much you pay off every month. This option is always included for certain card types.

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The benefits of a prepaid card

Keep your spending under control

Set a maximum limit on your spending by putting a certain amount on your card beforehand. That ensures you're not left with any unwelcome surprises at the end of the month!

Pay safely on the web

Purchasing items online is quick and secure because of the extensive Mastercard network.

Want to book your holiday, order tickets or buy shoes on the Internet? With a prepaid card, you can pay securely without there being any link back to your bank account.

Attention, borrowing money also costs money

Admission ticket cancellation insurance

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