Travel package

7.00 euros
per month
  • Travel cancellation
  • Hire car excess
  • Urgent purchases due to delayed luggage 
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Book your next holiday with peace of mind

Need to unexpectedly cancel or cut short your trip or has your luggage been delayed? Perhaps you’ve damaged your hire car and have to pay the excess? Just add the travel package to your KBC Brussels Credit Card and travel with peace of mind wherever you go. 

What type of insurance cover is included in the Travel package?

The Travel package is an optional and fee-based insurance package.

The package includes three forms of insurance cover:

  1. Travel cancellation
  2. Hire car excess
  3. Urgent purchases due to delayed luggage 

1. Travel cancellation

Start looking forward again to a new trip

If you have to cancel your trip or cut it short, you can recoup some of your travel expenses thanks to the travel cancellation insurance linked to you KBC Brussels Credit Card.


Expenses incurred of up to 10 000 euros per insurance year for all the insured combined, if your trip is cancelled or cut short by:

  • Sudden illness, accident or death of the person signing up to the package (‘member’), a family member to the second degree or a person living under the same roof who is a dependent of the ‘member’ for tax purposes or over whom the ‘member’ has custody
  • Serious material damage to the main residence of the ‘member’
  • Denial of necessary vaccinations for medical reasons, whether known in advance or not
  • Denial of a visa despite the fact that the correct procedure was followed and the insured has never been refused a visa before

Not covered

  • Business trips
  • Transport not used to travel to and from the holiday destination
  • Cancellation or interruption due to medical conditions or injuries that existed at the time the trip was booked
  • Claim events due to excessive consumption of alcohol, drugs or medication not prescribed by a doctor
  • ...
A complete overview of cover provided and exclusions can be found in the general conditions

2. Hire car excess

Get reimbursed for rental vehicle excess charges

If you’re on holiday and your hire car gets damaged or stolen and there is an excess in the vehicle's insurance, that excess will be reimbursed.


You can claim on the Hire Car Excess insurance if:

  • You rent a vehicle abroad for personal use for no more than 30 days
  • The rental company is a professional rental company
  • The rental contract may be entered into in Belgium

This insurance reimburses the excess if it amounts to at least 100 euros. The maximum amount of compensation is 2 500 euros per claim event and per insurance year.

Not covered

  • Any hire trailer excess
  • Damage that was caused before or after the agreed rental period
  • Use of the rental vehicle for professional purposes
  • ...
A complete overview of cover provided and exclusions can be found in the general conditions

3. Urgent purchases due to delayed luggage

Luggage been delayed? You’ll be reimbursed for any urgent purchases you have to make

If your luggage arrives later at the airport and you have to buy new clothes and toiletries as a result, this insurance reimburses you for any urgent purchases you need to make while waiting for your luggage.


Purchases that are not refunded by the airline:

  • Luggage delayed for more than 4 hours: compensation of up to 250 euros per trip for all the insured
  • Luggage delayed for more than 48 hours: additional compensation of up to 500 euros per trip for all the insured

Not covered

  • If you failed to hand over your luggage on departure or it was checked in too late
  • When you fail to collect the luggage
A complete overview of cover provided and exclusions can be found in the general conditions
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More information about the Travel package

Activating your Travel package:

  1. Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile
  2. Tap ‘My KBC Brussels’
  3. Scroll to ‘Means of payment’ and select your credit card
  4. Tap the three dots at the top right
  5. Tap ‘View packages’ if you haven’t added a package, or tap ‘Manage’ next to ‘Your packages’ if you’ve already added one
  6. Select the ‘Travel package’ and read the accompanying information document
  7. Tap ‘I'll take this package’
  8. Tap ‘Sign’ and follow the instructions
  9. Your package is activated as soon as you sign

Cancelling your Travel package:

  • Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile
  • Tap ‘My KBC Brussels’ Scroll to ‘Means of payment’ and select your credit card Tap the three dots at the top right
  • Tap ‘Manage’ next to ‘Your packages’ Unselect the ‘Travel package’
  • Tap ‘Sign’ and follow the instructions
  • Your package is cancelled as soon as you sign

You can cancel your package after the minimum 12-month term. If you cancel it after this minimum term, the cancellation will take effect on the last day of the current month. 

  1. Before filling in the claim form, carefully go through the general conditions to find out what is and isn't covered.
  2. Complete the claim form fully and clearly (each question is important for processing your file).
  3. Add the relevant supporting documents.
  4. Send your claim with all the attachments in one go. Your claim will be processed faster and more thoroughly if your file is complete. If you send a document later, remember to state the number assigned to your file to ensure that the document ends up in the right place. You can send a claim by post to KBC Insurance or e-mail it to 

Want comprehensive travel insurance? Check out the KBC Travel Insurance.

Good to know

The KBC Brussels Credit Card is a credit card issued by: KBC Bank NV, with registered office at Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, Belgium. VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026 256 A.

The KBC Brussels Flex Budget facility is an open-ended credit facility linked to the KBC Brussels Credit Card and used as an additional means of drawing credit.

Lender and card issuer: KBC Bank NV. Subject to your card or credit application being approved by KBC Bank NV.

All insurance cover referred to is subject to Belgian law. This insurance cover is a class-16 product (financial loss insurance).

KBC Bank has taken out Travel Package insurance with KBC Insurance. You are only entitled to compensation if you were already signed up to this insurance at the time of booking and paying for the travel or rental vehicle in the relevant contract and you were still covered by the insurance at the time of the claim event. You therefore must hold an active credit card and still be signed up to this Travel Package without interruption.

The insurance ends by operation of law when the contract between KBC Bank NV and the insurer is terminated. 

Credit card holders can sign up to the Travel Package at any time. Insurance cover starts on the first hour of the day following membership and lasts for a period of at least one year. After this period, you can withdraw from the insurance at any time by going through the digital process in KBC Brussels Mobile or by having its cancellation registered at a KBC Bank branch. 

The conditions of cover are available from any KBC Brussels branch or at The applicable general conditions alone determine your right to compensation from the insurer.  The complete list of exclusions can be found in the general conditions. 

Your intermediary is the first point of contact for any complaints you may have. If no agreement can be reached, please contact KBC Brussels Complaints Management, Brusselsesteenweg 100, 3000 Leuven,, tel. 016 43 25 94 or, For complaints about insurance, you can contact the Belgian insurance industry's ombudsman service: Ombudsman van de Verzekeringen, de Meeûssquare 35, 1000 Brussels, This does not affect your legal rights.

Read this information carefully before signing up to this insurance

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