Energy loan

Building or renovating your home to make it energy-efficient? Go for a KBC Brussels Energy Loan and get the benefits.

A loan for your home interior improvements

Make your place a bit more you with a KBC Brussels Home Interior Loan.

Bridging loan

Renovation loan

Renovate your home with one of our great-value loans. Work out in just two minutes what it’ll cost you.

Garden loan

Want to landscape your garden or make it a bit cosier? We've got just the loan for you at the right price.

Flemish renovation loan

  • Take out your loans at KBC Brussels
  • Make your home more energy efficient
  • Receive an interest subsidy from the Flemish government for your energy-saving renovation loan

Modifying your home loan

Go about it the easy way in our KBC Brussels Mobile app or KBC Brussels Touch.

Drawing down a mortgage loan in stages

Pay newbuild or home renovation bills fast by drawing on part of your home loan online.

Renting for the first time

There are lots of costs involved in getting your own place. You can spread these costs with a personal loan when you're getting your own place for the first time. Learn more.

Why build an energy-efficient home?

Energy-efficient is the term on everyone's lips. But what does it really mean? And why is it a good idea?

Get our help to buy or build a home

Planning for a place of your own? Wondering whether to buy, renovate or build? See all the pros and cons at a glance.

What do you have to pay when buying a house?

Unexpected expenses for your home

Cancelling your holiday or raiding your savings account because you suddenly face unexpected expenses? A loan can help you cope much better with these costs.

Renovating your home

How to go about improving your home

Buying a second home

  • What are the benefits of buying a second home?
  • And what drawbacks should you take into account?
  • Is a second home a good investment?

Should you choose a fixed or a variable interest rate?