Rest assured that we've got your kids covered

Rest assured that we've got your kids covered

Children bring their own concerns. What extra policies are worth having? And for which insurance do you need to declare the birth of your child?

Adding a child

For some types of insurance, it's important to declare your child's birth so that the child can be added to the policy. Sometimes this is free and doesn't lead to an increase in the premium, sometimes the premium changes.

  • Hospitalisation insurance
    Notify your insurance company following the birth and get your child added to your hospitalisation insurance. There's no waiting period and no need to fill in a medical questionnaire.
  • Life insurance
    You specify one or more beneficiaries for life insurance. If you have another child, remember to add them to the beneficiaries.
  • Accident insurance
    Notify your insurance company following the birth of your first child and get your child added to the policy. If you have another child, you don't need to make any further changes to the policy.

Specific types of insurance

Extra insurance could come in handy. For instance, the following types of insurance are recommended when children arrive.

  • Family insurance
    Family insurance is a good idea in any case, especially when there are children, of course. This type of insurance covers damage caused by your child to someone else's home, for example by kicking a football through a window, or bodily injury (accidentally) caused by your child to someone else, for instance. Be sure to find out about the possible options, such as insurance for your domestic staff. Do you have a regular babysitter? If so, you must insure them against accidents at work.
  • Bicycle insurance
    You might not need to take out this insurance immediately after the birth, but bicycle insurance is well worth having when your teenager rides off on their bike. This type of insurance covers theft of or damage to the bicycle, for example.
  • Car insurance
    Does your son or daughter sometimes drive your car? You should let your insurer know. The policy will be amended so that your child is named as an occasional user. The premium may be adjusted. Of course, if your child has their own car, they need their own policy.
  • Accident insurance
    Offers the insured persons financial protection if they are the victim of an accident.

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Why choose a life insurance policy?

Life insurance allows you to plan your estate and save money on inheritance tax.

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