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Buying, building or renovating a home? This how-to guide has over 160 pages of free knowledge and inspiration.

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New forms of real estate investment in Brussels

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Property prices in Brussels

Living in Brussels. An apartment or a house? Fixed or variable-rate mortgage? Find out what a place to live will cost you in Brussels.

Housing grants and allowances in Brussels

Renovating, improving, insulating, heating your home... There are many grants available to Brussels citizens.

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Real estate in Brussels: up-and-coming neighbourhoods

Brussels is experiencing a real population boom. 100,000 new homes are due to be built by 2025. A look at the main developments and their neighbourhoods.

Co-living in Brussels

The new approach to communal living and working that suits both millennials and property investors!

How much can I borrow?

We'll help you with a few guidelines.

Reuse your mortgage for a new home loan

Reuse your current mortgage for doing improvement works and you can get financial benefits.

Which interest rate should you choose?

Should you choose a fixed or a variable interest rate? Find out what both options involve.

Term of your home loan

A home loan is a useful way of financing your home. But which term will you choose?

What do renovations cost?

It is important to budget for renovations. We will give you an indication of the budget required for a renovation project.

Renovating your home

How to go about improving your home

Bridging loan

Buying or building a new home when the old one hasn't yet been sold? Maybe you need a bridging loan.

Renovation loan

Renovate your home with one of our great-value loans. Work out in just two minutes what it’ll cost you.

Energy loan

Building or renovating your home to make it energy-efficient? Go for a KBC Brussels Energy Loan and get the benefits.

Security deposit savings account

Get off on the right foot with our security deposit and property insurance

Home Insurance for owners

Want to work out insurance for your home? Run a simulation and sort out everything online.

Home Insurance for landlords

Calculate the price of Home Insurance for the home you are renting out and purchase your Home Insurance online.

Property insurance for tenants

Want to insure the house or flat you're renting?

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Loan Balance Insurance

Offer financial protection to your family in the event of your death during the term of your credit facility.