Meet with Brussels

Meet with Brussels

Co-living in Brussels

The new approach to communal living and working that suits both millennials and property investors!

The 5 best blogs for discovering Brussels

Explore Brussels in just a few clicks Discover all the secrets of the capital of Europe, including restaurants, bars, culture, trips, visits, finds and much more.

Discover Brussels without falling into the stereotypes

Discovering a city like Brussels is not always easy. If you read guides and blogs online, you risk quickly falling into the stereotypes. Here's how to avoid them.

Brussels: Europe’s greenest city!

Parks, gardens, woods and even forests: Brussels is green through and through. An invitation for a stroll.

10 spots to discover Brussels from on high

10 high spots in Brussels you really mustn’t miss.

Ten must-have apps for Brussels

Discover ten free apps that make life easier in the capital. You can download them straight away.

5 alternatives to driving in Brussels

Looking for alternative ways to get around Brussels? Give ‘soft mobility’ a try.

Polluting vehicles banned in Brussels from 2018

Pour préserver l’environnement et la santé des citoyens, Bruxelles met en place une zone de basses émissions. Qui est concerné ?

Biking in Brussels: some safety tips

Cyclists' rights and obligations, and some precautions you can take to stay safe when cycling around town.

Real estate in Brussels: up-and-coming neighbourhoods

Brussels is experiencing a real population boom. 100,000 new homes are due to be built by 2025. A look at the main developments and their neighbourhoods.

Property prices in Brussels in 2020

Living in Brussels. An apartment or a house? Fixed or variable-rate mortgage? Find out what a place to live will cost you in Brussels in 2020.

The best co-working addresses in Brussels

Like to try a new way of working? Here are some addresses for co-working in Brussels.
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