Learn more about tax-efficient saving

Learn more about tax-efficient saving

Why is it a smart move to save for later in life and what’s the difference between pension saving and long-term saving? And what exactly is tax-efficient saving? Let’s start with tax-efficient saving. It’s a way for you to claim tax relief on the amounts you save, regardless if that’s through a pension savings scheme or a long-term savings plan. Read on and get answers to all your other questions.

Getting started with tax-efficient saving

Thinking about starting pension saving or wondering when’s a good time to begin long-term saving? Perhaps you’re interested in combining both to get the most tax relief possible? Read on to find out what you need to know to start saving the smart way.

Why it's a good idea to start saving tax efficiently

Saving tax efficiently is something you do for later, for when you retire. When you go down that path, the government rewards you by giving you tax relief each year on the amount you saved in the previous year, as long as you're still a taxpayer.

Tax-efficient saving: choose between two solutions or combine them both

Want to start with tax-efficient saving? Discover our pension saving or long-term saving solutions.

Learn more about pension saving

Pension saving is a win-win situation in which you supplement your retirement income by saving, and get tax relief while you do so. But how much should you save and when should you start? All this and more is dealt with in the articles below.

How to compare the costs associated with pension saving

Looking to compare entry charges and other costs associated with pension saving? Take a quick look at this handy overview.

What can pension saving do for you?

A pension savings fund or pension savings insurance plan are both tax-efficient ways to build up a supplementary pension for yourself. Read more about the return on pension savings schemes.

Pension saving in 2024: choice between 2 tax limits

What is the maximum you can put away in your pension savings scheme in 2024? Find out which amount gives you the best tax break and get more savings tips.

Pension saving after age 54

The amount you deposit when you turn 54 determines what you deposit from your 55th birthday until you turn 60

How are my pension savings taxed?

What exactly is the situation regarding the final tax on pension savings? Find out how and when this tax is collected.

FAQs about pension saving at KBC Brussels

Already saving for your retirement with KBC Brussels but have a few questions? You'll find the answers here.

Learn more about long-term saving

Learn more about long-term saving Can you combine long-term saving with pension saving and how do you work out the ideal amount to save? And what do you need to bear in mind if you’re 54 or almost 65? The answers to these and other questions can be found below.

What is long-term saving?

  • Earn up to 30% in tax relief
  • Flexible saving whenever you want
  • Possible to combine with retirement savings

Tax benefit from long-term saving

The calculation involved in long-term saving is all about the sum that provides you with the most tax relief possible. Quickly crunch the numbers to see what’s best for you.

54 – an important year for your long-term savings plan

You cannot increase your savings amount once you turn 55. Find out all you need to know about maximising your tax relief. 

Long-term saving after turning 65

Sixty-four is an important age for long-term saving. Find out what's best for you if you’re already saving for the long term.