Questions about savings & investments

in KBC Brussels Touch

Questions about savings & investments

in KBC Brussels Touch

Savings & investments

How are 'My assets' shown?

How you see your assets depends on whether you've opted to be the only one who can see them or whether you want them to also be visible to someone else (only married couples and couples officially living together can do this). If you don't specify, you'll only get to see your own assets by default.

If you've opted for a portfolio approach, wealth management or asset management, you'll see your chosen portfolios separately.

The savings and investment products you acquired at your KBC Brussels agent can be viewed under 'Savings and investment products I purchased through my insurance agent'

How is the value of my assets determined?

This amount comprises all your savings and investment assets on accounts held at KBC Brussels. Only savings and investment products are shown in that overview.

Current accounts are, therefore, shown under 'Payments'. The overview doesn't contain any material assets either. Any savings and investment-type insurance you took out with a KBC Brussels agent can be viewed under 'Savings and investment products I purchased through my insurance agent', and are not included in these particular assets.

Why can I see my spouse's/partner's name among 'Other people's savings and investment products'?

This happens when your spouse/partner has granted you power of attorney over his or her savings and investment products. If you opted for the assets to also be visible to someone else, your spouse's/partner's assets can also be seen under ‘My assets'.

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