Questions about online banking and security

in KBC Brussels Touch

Questions about online banking and security

in KBC Brussels Touch


Is KBC Brussels Touch secure when I log in using my PIN?

Yes it is totally secure when you log in that way. At KBC Brussels, we do our utmost to ensure that online banking is as secure as possible, regardless of whether you use a tablet, smartphone or PC. To this end, KBC Brussels Touch has built-in software that protects you against hackers and viruses. Find out more about how exactly the security technique works.

What can I do to make online banking secure?

One of the things you can do is to install good anti-phishing and anti-virus software. You can quickly download anti-phishing software from a renowned company on our website. We also see to it that you can get up to 50% off the price of anti-virus software.

What does KBC Brussels do with the information on the transactions I carry out in KBC Brussels Touch?

That information is and will remain confidential. We don't make it available to your branch, so our staff there don't have access to your personal details.

The information shown under 'Income & expenditure' is not stored anywhere and is refreshed each time you open the application. Items are categorised automatically and updated with any corrections you make. These manual corrections are stored anonymously to improve the accuracy of automatically categorising future income and expenditure.

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