General queries

Frequently asked questions

General queries

Frequently asked questions

General queries on KBC Brussels Mobile

What do I need to be able to use KBC Brussels Mobile?

  1. A smartphone
  2. A KBC Brussels Bank Card and one of our new-generation card readers or the itsme app
  3. An account with us (you can open an account with us online or the first time you use the app)

Can I use KBC Brussels Mobile on any phone?

Special requirements for specific features

  • App that can open PDF files for viewing certain types of documents
  • Smartphone with an autofocus camera for some MobilePay and scanning features
  • Device running iOS 9.3.5 or higher that supports Touch ID/Fingerprint authentication (iPhone 5S or later) for Touch ID features
  • Device that supports Face ID authentication (iPhone X) for Face ID features
  • Android phone equipped with a fingerprint sensor and running Android 6 or higher if you want to use the Fingerprint feature
  • Devices that let you scan transfer forms:
    * iPhone 5S or later
    * Android device with a high-end autofocus camera and running Android 5 or higher
    * Windows phone with an autofocus camera and running Windows 8 or higher

How do I connect to KBC Brussels Mobile?

You can do so using a Wi-Fi connection or via your mobile phone network.

Is KBC Brussels Mobile free?

We don’t currently charge for the app or use of our mobile banking service and don't plan to either. We may charge for new additional features in the future, but we’ll always ask first whether you wish to use and pay for them. That way, you’ll never be faced with extra charges all of a sudden. If you use KBC Brussels Mobile over a Wi-Fi connection or mobile phone network, additional charges may apply.

Do I need to take out a special data plan with my provider?

If you don’t use Wi-Fi, you’ll need a data plan. You will not need ‘Unlimited use’, as large amounts of data are never sent.

Viewing your assets

Where can I get details of my assets?

Tap the ‘Investments’ menu to do this. You’re shown your largest assets (in euros) as standard, but you can ask at your branch to have other assets displayed by default instead.

This view displays products you’ve bought through your branch. Products you’ve bought through one of our insurance agents are shown under ‘Savings & investments via an insurance agent’. View a selected asset by tapping the arrow at the top next to its name.

If you have more than one type of asset (like several types of personal assets, savings and investment products through an insurance agent, cooperative shares and savings and other people’s savings and investment products), you can view those as well. Tap the arrow at the top right next to the name of a selected asset to do this.

What assets can I view?

You’re shown your own or your and your partner’s savings and investment products, depending on the products you have and whether you invest by yourself or together with your partner.

Cooperative shares or insurance you’ve bought through an insurance agent are shown under a separate assets view. Other people’s savings and investment products that you’re authorised to see are also displayed separately.

How are my assets shown?

Your assets are divided up as ‘Savings’, ‘Tax-advantaged savings and investments’ and ‘Investments’.

  • 'Savings’ shows you all your savings accounts.
  • 'Tax-advantaged savings and investments’ displays savings and investment products giving you tax benefits like our Life Pension Plan (Plus) and Pricos pension savings plans.
  • 'Investments’ shows you all your investments in funds, bonds, term products, shares and capital redemption and investment-type insurance, grouped together by asset class.

Savings and investment products bought through one of our insurance agents are given under ‘Savings & investments via an insurance agent’, not under your ‘own’ assets view.

The equivalent value in euros is shown for each section. The total value in euros of a selected asset is given in the heading title.

Where do I find my investments?

Tap the ‘Investments’ menu to see your investments categorised as ‘Savings’, ‘Tax-advantaged savings and investments’ and ‘Investments’.

Where do I find details of my Pricos/KBC Brussels Home & Pension Plan/KBC Brussels Home & Long-Term Plan?

Tap the ‘Investments’ menu and select the relevant asset, followed by ‘Tax-advantaged savings and investments’.

If you’ve only just opened a Pricos pension savings plan, you’ll only be able to see its details a few days after you’ve paid into it for the first time. Bear that in mind if you’ve opened a Pricos pension savings plan at the end of the tax year and still want to include what you’ve paid into it in your tax return for that year.


Which contacts can I see?

Your relationship manager, branch, KBC Brussels Live and insurance agent contact details (where applicable).

What is KBC Brussels Live?

This is our team of experts who are on hand to answer any urgent questions you may have. If you have a relationship manager, they’re your first point of contact. If you don't have one or you can't reach them, our KBC Brussels Live experts will help you as much as possible when it suits you best.

Making an appointment

How do I make an appointment?

What if I don't know the type of appointment I need?

In that case, we advise you to call your relationship manager, branch, insurance agency or KBC Brussels Live to make the appointment.

How do I change or cancel an appointment?

Tap 'Communication > Contact > Appointments' to view, change or cancel your appointments. You can also contact your adviser to change or cancel an appointment. You'll find their name and phone number in the appointment confirmation sent to you under 'Communication > Contact > Your appointments'.

If you want to contact your insurance agent, you can find their number at www.KBC

Why am I unable to make certain types of appointments at my KBC Brussels branch?

For specialist advice or less common money matters, you can phone or set up a video chat with a range of our experts.

We offer a number of products and services available at your branch and insurance agency. Based on your specific situation, we'll arrange an appointment for you with the most suitable expert or insurance agent.

When do I receive a text message reminding me of the appointment?

If you've specified or entered a mobile number, you will receive a reminder by text message in the morning of the day before the appointment.

Can I also enter a foreign mobile number?

Yes, but only mobile numbers with the following country codes: 31 (Netherlands); 32 (Belgium); 33 (France); 49 (Germany); 352 (Luxembourg). We also offer this service free of charge for mobile numbers from those countries.

What's this mobile number used for?

We'll only use the mobile number you enter to send you a text reminder for appointments or to contact you about them. We won't use it for marketing or advertising purposes. For more detailed information on data processing, see our data protection statement

I have an appointment for a video chat. Where do I go to start this?

Log in to KBC Brussels Touch and go to the contact page at the top right of your screen to see your appointments and start video chat.

We'll also give you a quick call before your appointment is scheduled to begin.

What if I can't see how to book a video chat appointment?

Contact your relationship manager or KBC Brussels Live.


What are beacons?

Beacons are small devices at certain locations (like our branches) that emit a signal using Bluetooth. If you’ve enabled Bluetooth on your phone and are near a beacon, you’ll receive a notification with useful information.

When do I receive a notification from a beacon?

You receive location-based notifications when your phone is near a beacon if you have:

  • Our KBC Brussels Mobile app installed on your phone
  • An Internet connection
  • Location services (your phone's GPS) enabled
  • Notifications enabled
  • Bluetooth enabled

How do I switch off notifications from beacons?

  • Disable location-based services in your app settings ('Profile > Location-based services')
  • Turn off your phone's GPS or Bluetooth feature

Where will I receive notifications from beacons?

We have beacons at some of our branches and a number of participating retail outlets.

The branches where you can try this feature out are: KBC Antwerpen Centrum, KBC Brugge-Kristus-Koning, KBC Deurne Eksterlaar, KBC Gent Kouter, KBC Hasselt Stad, KBC Leuven Ladeuze, KBC Oostende-Centrum, KBC St.-Denijs-Westrem and KBC Wilrijk-Centrum.


What can I see under the ‘Offer’ menu?

'Offer’ shows you a list of products that you can get from us online using our Mobile and Touch apps, and through our website. The list is divided into categories including ‘Payments’ and ‘Savings and investments’.

When I tap a product under ‘Offer’, I get a warning that I’m about to leave the app. Why is this?

If a product is only available through our website and not through our KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Mobile app, you’re redirected to our website and therefore leave the app. We do this so we can help you as quickly as possible.


Who can I contact if I run into problems when installing or using the app?

In the app's login screen, go to 'Menu > Contact > General contacts' to see a list of contacts.

My device has been stolen. What should you do now?

Call us immediately any time on + 32 15 63 22 80 (emergency number).

We'll block access to your KBC Brussels Mobile account right away. If you want to use KBC Brussels Mobile again, you'll need to re-register and re-activate the app.

Why do I keep getting a ‘general error’ message?

Apps that compress data on the 3G network to reduce data traffic may prevent KBC Brussels Mobile from working properly. Our systems are unable to use compressed data, so you’ll be shown an error message.

So, watch out for apps like these and avoid downloading them unnecessarily. And if you already have apps like this installed, uninstall them to avoid problems with KBC Brussels Mobile.

Still have questions or want to learn more? Just call our KBC Brussels Helpdesk.

Home, family and vehicle views

Where can I opt to see more about my home, family and vehicle-related products or services?

Open the ‘More’ menu to do this.

What can I see in the home, family and vehicle views?

You can view details of any loans and insurance in your name or for which you have power of attorney.

Can I apply for loans and insurance using KBC Brussels Mobile?

You can work out and apply for travel insurance, home assistance insurance and home insurance or an instalment loan.

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