KBC Brussels Mobile’s Communication, Contact and Actions features

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

KBC Brussels Mobile’s Communication, Contact and Actions features

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)


Kate is your digital assistant in KBC Brussels Mobile who's always on hand to help. You can ask Kate questions about your everyday banking, your insurance or other services that KBC Brussels offers.

You can find Kate in KBC Brussels Mobile using the blue icon at the top right of your screen.

As standard, you can ask Kate straightforward questions about products, services and features that KBC Brussels offers through KBC Brussels Mobile. Simply type your question or, in some cases, ask it out loud. You can, for instance, ask Kate to transfer money for you, find a payment or show you your vehicle’s certificate of insurance.

But Kate can do more than just listen and do things for you. If you ask her for your AssurCard number, for example, Kate’ll also ask you if she can help you with a hospitalisation claim.

If you opt for proactive services, you'll receive no-obligation suggestions you might find interesting. For instance, Kate will send you a message when you're able to save money on your insurance or your energy bill.

Kate gets smarter every day and constantly learns from the questions you ask. If Kate doesn’t know the answer, she’ll put you through to a colleague at KBC Brussels Live. Next time, Kate’ll probably know the answer to your question herself.

We take your privacy very seriously. You can see how we handle your data in our Data Protection Statement.

Sometimes you can communicate with Kate by talking to her. When you can, a microphone will appear next to the text input bar. Tap the microphone, ask your question and Kate will listen and talk to you.

To use Kate, you need to open the KBC Brussels Mobile app. Signing for transactions (like transferring money) requires you to re-enter your PIN or fingerprint. Once you leave KBC Brussels Mobile, Kate is no longer available. That all means you can use Kate in complete safety and security.

Using our Kate service doesn’t cost a thing.

Communication menu

All your KBC Brussels products and services are conveniently listed under ‘My KBC’, where you’ll also find your contacts, messages and documents. If you want to make an appointment with your agent, you can do that in this section.

Digital customers can no longer receive paper correspondence.


Messages are personal communications between you and your KBC Brussels contacts, i.e. your branch, KBC Brussels Live, your insurance agent, relationship manager or dedicated contact. 

  • You can receive and reply to messages from your branch or KBC Brussels Live 
  • You can receive and reply to messages from, and send messages to, your insurance agent, relationship manager or dedicated contact

You can delete your messages manually, but they will also be deleted automatically after two years.

Whenever you get an important message in KBC Brussels Mobile, we'll notify you by e-mail. You also get a message in your start screen, which when you tap it, takes you straight to the document. Allow notifications and keep up to date!

To receive an e-mail, your e-mail address must have already been entered in KBC Brussels Mobile. You can do that as follows:

  1. On your home screen, tap your profile icon in the top left corner
  2. Go to ‘Personal details’
  3. Tap the pencil to add your e-mail address
  4. Sign using your PIN

KBC Brussels Mobile

  1. Tap 'More' at the bottom right then 'Profile' and 'Client details' 
  2. Tap the pencil to add your e-mail address 
  3. Sign using your PIN

KBC Brussels Touch

  1. Tap or click 'Profile' at the top right of your screen then 'Client details'
  2. Enter your e-mail address
  3. Sign using your PIN

KBC Brussels Mobile

You will find your messages and documents under ‘My KBC’. Just scroll down to see an overview of them. When you’ve received a new message, you'll get a notification on your start screen.

KBC Brussels Touch

  1. Log in to KBC Brussels Touch
  2. In the blue bar at the top, click 'Messages'
  3. Here are all your messages and documents
  4. Choose a message or document you want to view


These could be notifications required by law, invoices, certificates like the ones we send you for your tax return and other important documents that you retain for your records. Tap 'More > Communication > Documents' to see them.

KBC Brussels Mobile users don't receive documents by post as standard.

We notify you by e-mail or alert you on your phone when you've received an important document in KBC Brussels Mobile. To receive an e-mail, your e-mail address must have already been entered in KBC Brussels Mobile.

You also get a message in your start screen, which when you tap it, takes you straight to the document.

We use Doccle to store documents. It retains your documents for at least seven years.

You don't have to create a Doccle account and you can view all your documents right from our Mobile and Touch apps.

You can view your documents using KBC Brussels Mobile, KBC Brussels Touch or Doccle.


Doccle is a digital mailbox that lets you receive, organise and store documents from a growing list of organisations. You can view your documents using KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch without needing a Doccle account. 

Creating an account may be useful though, as it lets you share and keep documents from all your suppliers in one place. If you have a Doccle account, you can jump to it in a single tap right from KBC Brussels Mobile.

Doccle lets you get banking and insurance documents from us online, including:

  • Certificates for your tax return
  • Credit card billing statements
  • Payment requests for insurance premiums
  • Home loan documents

If you use Doccle, you can get your billing statement there.

Once you’ve picked up your registered digital document using itsme® or your eID and downloaded it, you can find it under ‘My documents’.


Your relationship manager, branch, KBC Brussels Live and insurance agent contact details (where applicable).

This is our team of experts who are on hand to answer any urgent questions you may have. If you have a relationship manager, they’re your first point of contact. If you don't have one or you can't reach them, our KBC Brussels Live experts will help you as much as possible when it suits you best.

Making an appointment

  • Go to ‘My KBC’
  • Scroll down to 'Your Contacts'
  • Tap one of your contacts to call them. We’ll be happy to help you with your question immediately. If necessary, we'll make an appointment for you based on your specific situation.
  • Make an appointment with your insurance agent directly in KBC Brussels Mobile.

In that case, we advise you to call your insurance agency to make the appointment.

  • Go to ‘My KBC’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Contacts’ section. Tap ‘All contacts’
    You can view all your appointments here. 

To cancel your appointment, tap the three dots icon.

To change your appointment, it's best to call your branch, KBC Brussels Live or
your insurance agent.

Yes, you can.

  • Go to ‘My KBC’
  • Scroll down to the ‘Contacts’ section. Tap ‘All contacts’
  • Tap your appointment
  • Tap the three dots icon and select ‘Add to calendar’

For specialist advice or less common money matters, you can phone or set up a video chat with a range of our experts.

We offer a number of products and services available at your branch and insurance agency. Based on your specific situation, we'll arrange an appointment for you with the most suitable expert.

If you've specified or entered a mobile number, you will receive a reminder by text message in the morning of the day before the appointment.

Yes, but this applies only to numbers with one of the following country codes: 31 (the Netherlands), 32 (Belgium), 33 (France), 49 (Germany), 352 (Luxembourg). We also offer this service free of charge for mobile numbers from those countries.

We'll only use the mobile number you enter to send you a text reminder for appointments or to contact you about them. We won't use it for marketing or advertising purposes. For more detailed information on data processing, see our data protection statement.

Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile and go to ‘My KBC’ > ‘Your contacts’ > ‘All contacts’. You will find a list there of all your appointments. Tap the appointment you are looking for. You will find all the details of your appointment here, along with a button to start the conversation in MS Teams.

Contact your relationship manager or KBC Brussels Live.


Look for the speech bubble or Kate icon at the top of your screen and tap it to call us or chat with us.

You chat with one of our advisers or a chatbot. If the chatbot can’t help you, it calls in an adviser.

Contact KBC Brussels Live weekdays from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Saturdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. If an adviser is available, you can start your chat. If not, your message will be queued.

You can put your chat in the background while active in KBC Brussels Mobile. You’re alerted once an adviser is available and you can return to your chat by tapping the speech bubble at the top of the screen again.

Even if you close KBC Brussels Mobile completely, your chat stays active so you can continue it next time you log in.

The adviser or chatbot will only end your chat when you indicate that you don’t have any more questions. We automatically end the chat after three days of inactivity.

You can review your currently active and previous chat at any time.

Getting notifications

A notification is a personal alert that is displayed on your phone, also known as a push notification.

Your phone's settings let you switch notifications on or off for each app you have installed. We recommend switching on notifications for KBC Brussels Mobile so you don't miss any important messages.

Our app lets you manage certain notifications and whether you receive them or not. You can manage your notifications under ‘Settings’.

  • Notifications about payments: Start > Your profile icon/photo at the top left > Notifications
  • Commercial notifications: Start > Your profile icon/photo at the top left > Security and privacy > Privacy > Commercial settings

If you’re not logged in to the app, a pop-up will appear on your phone’s home screen. If you are logged in, you’re also shown notifications there at the top of your screen.

On iOS phones, a badge (a circle containing a number) also appears in KBC Brussels Mobile to show that there is a new notification.

We notify you about important messages you shouldn’t miss, like alerts regarding suspected fraud or bills you need to pay.
You can also choose to be notified when

  • An amount is credited to your KBC Brussels Plus Account or KBC Brussels Business Account
  • An invoice from KBC Insurance falls due for payment
  • A direct debit payment is due to come out of your account
  • A credit card payment is due to be debited from your account
  • You receive a message from your branch
  • A transaction cannot be carried out (e.g., a loan repayment)
  • We suspect that you may have been the victim of fraud committed with your credit card or prepaid card
  • You have to sign a document
  • You have missed an important message in your overview, such as a message containing important information (e.g., an investment nearing maturity) or a request for you to do something (e.g., sign a document)
  • You receive a time-critical message that also appears in your ‘overview’, such as a Kate Deals discount

The information displayed is limited and gives more of an idea of what the notification contains.

When you add an account with another bank, you allow us to access its details for a limited time. Once that has passed, you need to renew your consent so we can access your account details again. If you don’t, you won’t get notified of incoming payments any more.

Using the ‘Actions’ feature

Tap the bell-shaped icon at the top right. If you don’t see this icon displayed, you have no outstanding actions.

This is where we alert you to things you need to do, like pay bills, clear your account or sign documents.

Simply tap an action to do what it asks. You’ll be guided through the various steps to do this.

No. Each action tells you where you can do it (KBC Brussels Mobile, KBC Brussels Touch or KBC Brussels Invest).