Beleggen met je wisselgeld

Spare change investing

  • Invest each time an amount is debited from your current account
  • Use it to supplement an existing investment plan
  • Activate it in a few steps in KBC Brussels Mobile
Invest your spare change
Become a customer and invest your spare change
Invest your spare change

Why invest your spare change?

Turn your small change into a big investment that – in time – could make you more than saving. Did you know that you can invest your spare change? It doesn't matter whether you're new to investing or an old hand, anyone can do it. 

Everybody makes lots of purchases and payments from their account every day. When you decide to start spare change investing, we round up the amounts involved to the next euro. Once your roundups reach 10 euros, we put them automatically into an investment plan for you, meaning you invest without it impacting your wallet or lifestyle to any great extent

For example, if you pay 3.51 euros at the bakery, we’ll take 4 euros off your account and add 49 cents to your investment plan. We’ll do this for all your everyday spending (unless you’d go overdrawn on your account as a result).
Would you rather invest a little more spare change? Turn on the Turbo!

As you use small amounts of money, it's a simple way for beginners to get a taste of investing. If you're an experienced investor, however, it's a means for supplementing your current investment plan.

Good to know: the average customer gathers up about 90 cents in roundups a day, which ends up as a monthly investment of around 20 euros.

More about spare change investing

How do I start investing my spare change?

Users of KBC Brussels Mobile can start investing their spare change in just a few taps. Our app shows you how much you’ve already invested and what that may have made you in the meantime.

Open the ‘Offer’ menu, scroll down to ‘Savings and investments’ and tap ‘Show more’ to see the ‘Invest your spare change’ feature.

What's rounded up whan you invest your spare change?

We round up all your everyday purchases and payments from your account to the nearest euro at the end of each day. That includes credit transfers, card payments, standing orders, direct debits and loan repayments.

We won’t do any rounding up if your account has a negative balance or roundups would cause you to go overdrawn on your account.

Is your investment plan shown straightaway?

Yes, you'll be able to see your investment plan as soon as you've set it up. Just go to 'Investments' and then tap 'Investment plans'.

Amounts you pay into your investment plan are shown under ‘Investments’ > ‘Investment plans’ a few days after you make your deposit.

Processing your details for the fund in which you invest takes 3 working days. The number of units and the equivalent value can only be viewed after the details have been processed.

What does spare change investing cost?

You only pay usual charges for the fund (see the product information for details).

Can you temporarily stop investing your spare change?

Yes, you can. Tap ‘Investments > More > Periodic investments > Invest your spare change > Manage tab > Pause’ to do so.

How do you start investing your spare change again after temporarily stopping?

Tap ‘Investments > More > Periodic investments > Invest your spare change > Manage tab > Restart’ to do this.

How do you permanently stop investing your spare change?

If you want to stop investing your spare change for good, contact KBC Brussels Live for more help.

Can you sell units in your investment fund?

Yes, you can by going into the details of your investment fund, though certain terms and conditions may apply (see the relevant product information for more details). If you need help, please contact KBC Brussels Live.

Can you invest more than just your spare change?

Yes, you can. Simply set up a standing order to add to your investment every month on top of your roundups.

Go to 'Investments' and select 'Investment plans', 'Invest your spare change' and then 'Manage'. Tap the 'plus' sign next to standing orders.

Would you rather invest a little more spare change?

You decide whether to double or triple the amount of spare change being invested. You can adjust it from x2 to x3 or vice versa. Turn on the Turbo.