Wanneer is je werkkapitaal in balans?
Wanneer is je werkkapitaal in balans?

Bridging loan

  • You repay the loan from the proceeds when you sell your home
  • The rate of interest remains the same throughout the term of the loan
  • You can repay all or part of the loan at any time
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Why go for a bridging loan?

If you're looking to buy a new house or apartment but haven't yet sold your present home, you can 'bridge' the period between purchasing your new home and selling your previous one by taking out this loan. When you sell your home, you use the proceeds to repay the principal and interest all at once.

Early repayment at any time

The maximum term of a bridging loan is 12 months. However, you can repay all or part of the loan at any time, in which case you pay less interest. If you repay the loan early because your old home has been sold, you don't have to pay a reinvestment fee.

What a bridging loan will cost you

Make an appointment with KBC Brussels Live for an interest rate tailored to your needs.

What costs are involved?

  • Legal fees
  • Charges for drawing up the security deed
  • Fees payable to KBC Brussels
  • One-off loan origination fee

Valuing your current home

Valuing your current home

Good to know

In certain cases, KBC Brussels will accept an external valuation of the property, as long as it is performed by an accredited valuer accepted by KBC Brussels.

For properties with a purchase price of less than 1 million euros, we accept estimates from valuers appearing on one of the following lists:

For properties with a purchase price of 1 million euros or more, it’s best to contact our Home Expert to find out which valuations we accept. Be sure to speak with our Home Expert to see whether an external valuation is required.

If you’re wondering how much your home is worth, get a free valuation with Immoscoop. This will give you a clear idea of what it’s worth and allow you to make an informed decision when selling.

If you provide a few details, Immoscoop can select the right experts to visit you in no time. These real estate agents are familiar with your region and have experience with similar properties.