Work out your loan and apply online

Work out your loan and apply online

Applying online for a loan has never been easier

Fast feedback

Apply online for your loan1 and we'll tell you right away whether your application has been approved, rejected or will be further examined. If we still need to take a closer look at it, we'll get back to you by no later than the end of the next banking day.

Always the best rate for you

The rate we offer you is based on your relationship with us. If you're already with us, you automatically get our best rate both online using KBC Brussels Touch and at your branch.

Do it all digitally

Say goodbye to paper as you apply entirely online using KBC Brussels Touch and sign using your card reader. It couldn't be easier and you stay safe and secure with our security systems.

If you'd still prefer the pen and paper method, that's absolutely no problem – we'll post the contract to you.

Stay in control

  • Decide yourself how much to borrow and for how long2
  • Determine what you repay every month
  • Choose when your loan is paid into your account (up to two months later)

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Attention, borrowing money also costs money

1 Credit type: Instalment loan provided by the lender KBC Bank NV, Havenlaan 2, 1080 Brussels, VAT BE 0462.920.226, RLP Brussels, FSMA 026.256 A. Subject to your loan application being approved by KBC Bank NV and mutual agreement.

2 There are a few legal constraints that apply to the term of a loan (these are automatically built into the car loan calculator).