How much money do you need to invest?

How much money do you need to invest?

Do you want your money to provide a better return than in a traditional savings account? Although there are many opportunities associated with investing, there is a greater risk attached. What if you only want to invest a small amount of money? What if you have a large sum available to invest straight away? There is a suitable investment for every profile.

Investing with a small amount of money

Are you just starting out as an investor? Even with a small amount of money, you can get started. An investment plan is a possible solution in this case. 

Investment plan

Investing with a small amount of money: Investment plan
  • You can invest from as little as 25 euros per month
  • You decide how much and how often you pay into your investment plan
  • Your money is invested for you by financial experts
  • Your money is invested for you over a period of time
  • Your money is divided between a mix of investments

With an investment plan, you gain access to a much wider range of investments. To invest across a wide spread of shares and bonds yourself, you need a large amount of capital. However, an investment plan enables you to invest in a diversified manner, even with a small amount of money. Rather than simply spreading your money between different forms of investment, you do so over time as well. 

Investing with a large amount of money

Have you saved a larger amount and now want it to start paying off? Investing opens up new opportunities, but does not come without risk.  

Investment funds

With investment funds your capital is spread between a large number of shares and/or bonds.

You decide how much you invest. There is no maximum amount for investment funds. Their characteristically broad spread also offers advantages for larger investors. Even for an individual investor with more than one million euros to invest, this spread is difficult to achieve.

If you decide to invest, you should only use funds that you can do without for a long time. The longer you can invest your money for, the higher your potential return. You can also decide to receive the dividend from the funds every year. Alternatively, you can reinvest it in the fund, thereby increasing your potential return.

Spread investments over time

Do you have a large sum to invest? Spread your investment over time. This also means that you spread your risk. For example, you can divide the amount you have to invest into 12 equal parts and invest one part every month of the year. Your KBC Brussels investment adviser is always ready to give you individual advice.

Term investments

Met hoeveel geld kun je beleggen?

A term investment (time deposit account or savings certificate) has a fixed term. You can access your money once the set term comes to an end. The subscription amount is also fixed. This varies from a couple of hundred euros to 10 000 euros.

Capital of up to 100 000 euros (per person and per bank) that you have invested is also protected by the deposit guarantee scheme, subject to certain conditions.

You can open and manage various term investments yourself online in KBC Brussels Touch. You can see your investments at a glance in your Touch environment anytime you want.


Bonds are generally issued by companies or banks. There are also government bonds issued by the government. These are called OLOs or Staatsbons in Belgium. When you buy a bond, you are lending money to the issuer, which undertakes to pay interest and repay the capital on the maturity date. Bonds generally offer a fixed return. As such, you know in advance how much you will receive from your investment.

Most bonds also have a fixed term stipulated in advance. You know from the start when you can access your money.


Investing always involves risks. Interest rates and exchange rates can change rapidly. Nor are companies and bond issuers protected against every possible surprise that the markets might throw at them. Each form of investment therefore involves a certain degree of risk. With some investments, you could lose all or some of the capital you invest.

Tax treatment

Income generated from investments is subject to Belgian withholding tax of (at present) 30% on the gross amount of the interest. Some investors may qualify for an exemption if they meet certain conditions.

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