Investing for beginners

Investing for beginners

If you're thinking about starting to invest, be sure to check out and compare KBC Brussels's investment plans below. An investment plan is an easy and convenient way to start out investing. You can begin by investing small amounts, you don't need to have specialist knowledge and you stay in control of your money. 

What is an investment plan?

An investment plan is a way of investing an amount of your choice at regular intervals. For example, you can set up an order to transfer 25 euros a month to your investment plan, just like you might transfer a fixed amount each month to your savings account (although you should remember that investments run more risk than savings).

An investment plan has several benefits:

  • You can start small, investing from as little as 10 euros each time in your plan
  • You invest at an average entry price because you invest on a monthly basis, regardless of how well or bad the stock market is faring
  • You rely on the expertise of KBC Asset Management, whose fund managers adjust your funds in response to what’s happening on the financial markets
  • You can pause, stop and restart your investment plan whenever you want
  • Your annual returns are automatically reinvested, which in turn can generate even higher returns

Three ways for beginners to start investing

Not every novice investor has the same preferences. For instance, some might prefer to start by investing their spare change or by investing a fixed sum every month, whereas others may want to receive advice or already know the approach they want to take. In the end, an individual’s preferences determine which product is right for them.

  • Spare change investing: this is the most accessible way to start investing. When you opt for this service, we round up all payments made from your current account to the nearest euro. For instance, if you purchase something for 3.51 euros, we round up that figure to 4 euros and credit the 49 cents change to your investment plan.
  • KBC Brussels Investment Plan: if you’d rather invest a fixed amount each time instead of the sum of your spare change, it would be better to go for a KBC Brussels Investment Plan. You can then set things up so that you invest, say, 25 euros a month.
  • Digital investment proposal: if you prefer to receive a personalised proposal before you start investing, complete your investment profile and receive a no-obligation proposal for a monthly investment plan that’s tailored to your situation and preferences.

Starting to invest

Let's just recap and then you can start investing. Compare KBC Brussels's investment plans below and go with the service that suits you best.

Spare change investing KBC Brussels Investment Plan Digital investment proposal

Minimum amount

10 euros 25 euros 25 euros

Set up and manage in KBC Brussels Mobile

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Based on your investment profile

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Responsible investment funds

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Prefer to talk to a KBC Brussels staff member first and discuss the ideal approach for you? Contact KBC Brussels Live or arrange a meeting for personal advice