Give someone a Cera gift voucher and the opportunity to become a Cera member!

A Cera gift voucher is an original gift idea that gives a grandchild, godchild, family member or friend the chance to become a Cera member. You’ll be giving them not only a financial boost, but also the opportunity to enjoy the many benefits of Cera membership.

Before you begin

You must have a KBC Brussels account to order and pay for a Cera gift voucher.

How does it work?

1. Request the voucher in KBC Brussels Mobile or KBC Brussels Touch.  

In KBC Brussels Touch

1. Log in to KBC Brussels Touch and select ‘Savings & Investments’ (piggyback icon)
2. Tap or click ‘Select portfolio’ and go to the ‘Cooperative shares’ tile
3. Tap or click the green plus sign nest to ‘Gift voucher for becoming a Cera member’

In KBC Brussels Mobile

1. Log in to KBC Brussels Mobile and select ‘Investments’ (piggyback icon)
2. Tap the blue tick to open the different portfolios and then select ‘Cooperative shares’
3. Tap the green plus sign next to ‘Gift voucher for becoming a Cera member’

2. 2. Fill in the voucher:

1. Select the amount of your membership gift (at least 50 euros and no more than 1.250 euros) – always order in multiples of 50 euros
2. Select the KBC Brussels account to be debited for payment of the gift voucher
3. Enter the name of the beneficiary

3. Receive the voucher at the e-mail address you specified and in your message inbox for KBC Brussels Mobile and KBC Brussels Touch.

4. Send the gift voucher by e-mail or print it out and add a personal touch with a card and message. The voucher has a unique code and a step-by-step guide on it to help the lucky person quickly become a Cera member!