Self-employed and liberal professionals in Brussels

Your sector requires specific know-how

Self-employed and liberal professionals in Brussels

Your sector requires specific know-how

Self-employed and liberal professionals are a special kind of entrepreneur. At KBC Brussels, we understand the typical needs and challenges of this sector in the capital. We would love to help your business grow.

Self-employed but not alone

In KBC Brussels you can find an understanding and forward-thinking partner, whether you are just starting your business, arranging payments, financing your plans, applying for grants or seeking more security through insurance. Don't be scared by all the options open to you: we will sit down with you to look at how we can best help your business.

We also have the solutions you need in-house for establishing your company. We know exactly how this works in every neighbourhood in Brussels, and what local authorities are involved. That means we can work with you to find the perfect location for your business. And thanks to the local power to make decisions enjoyed by our branches, we can quickly cut through a lot of red tape so you can get ahead straight away.

Liberal professionals: a flourishing sector

Liberal professionals are well represented in the capital. Around 12 percent of all Belgian liberal professionals are based in the Brussels Capital Region. They employ a total of almost 70 000 people,  almost a quarter of the total employment in this sector across Belgium.

Working as a liberal professional in the capital is different to doing so in Flanders or Wallonia. The sector in Brussels has its own characteristic features, such as a strong representation of the legal profession. Liberal professionals here also face typical challenges in terms of mobility, accommodation and regulations.

Specialised relationship managers

Are you self-employed or a liberal professional working in the capital? KBC Brussels understands the specific features of your sector. That's why we are the only bank to offer a specific service for self-employed and liberal professionals in Brussels.

We offer liberal professionals specialised relationship managers. They will support you throughout your entire career: starting from the very beginning, through any company expansions, or if you decide to form an association, right up until you transfer your activities to others.

From mobility to accommodation

As a liberal professional, are you looking for a transport solution in the capital? We at KBC Brussels know that multi-mobility is on the agenda in Brussels. As such, our leasing and rental services are not limited to cars. We also offer our services for scooters and even for bikes.

Are you planning to accommodate your practice in your own home? Or are you looking for a separate office? We will be happy to help you with questions concerning accommodation. Our relationship managers know the city and its complex legislation better than anyone else. Because Brussels is so unique, we guarantee you a solution that is tailored to your specific situation.

A bank for entrepreneurs and liberal professionals

KBC Brussels is the financial partner par excellence for entrepreneurs and liberal professionals in the capital. Our subsidy expert knows the local premiums, guidelines and competent authorities in the capital. He will guide you through every stage of the process: from analysing and drawing up your file to defending it before the competent authority.

One of our biggest assets might be our extensive network in the capital. We will be happy to put you in touch with experts or interesting contacts that can help your business grow.

Are you curious to find out what we can do for your business? Just drop by one of our branches.

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