Brussels is our network


Brussels is our network

Nobody ever does business on their own. Your local network is a rock-solid asset to your success as an entrepreneur. KBC Brussels is completely at home in the Brussels business world and will be happy to put you in touch with other people

New opportunities every day

Brussels is an entrepreneurial city: self-employed people, liberal professionals and SMEs are the driving force behind the local economy. KBC Brussels meets with Brussels inhabitants and entrepreneurs every day. That means we also see the challenges and the many opportunities available to entrepreneurs in Brussels.

A strong network leads to strong partnerships, which can also bring you new business opportunities. KBC Brussels has close contacts with local initiatives such as Impulse, Brussels Finance, BECI, Bolero Crowdfunding, Start it Brussels and countless other strong partners. You will also find us in the many business clubs across our capital

Building bridges

As you can see, networking is not just a buzzword for KBC Brussels. When our business clients get together and set up a successful project with our support, it's a win-win situation for everybody. Doing better business together – that's our goal.

KBC Brussels also tries to build as many bridges as possible between the public and private sectors. After all, as an entrepreneur you want to stay abreast of everything that happens in your city – it's essential for you to do business effectively. But it's not always so straightforward in Brussels – a city with 19 different communes, each of which often has its own approach to doing business. Fortunately, our employees have a thorough understanding of the many different public players and the extensive services provided by the City of Brussels and the Brussels-Capital Region

Use our network

Do you need a guarantee from the Brussels Guarantee Fund, support for your expansion via, help finding business premises from, or to discuss new projects in your commercial district with Atrium Brussels? KBC Brussels will be happy to put you in touch with its partners. Just ask us for more information

Mastercard treats customers to great discounts!

Mastercard treats customers to great discounts!

Self-employed and liberal professionals

Are you self-employed or a liberal professional working in the capital? KBC Brussels can help you with tailored financial solutions.


Companies in Brussels need solutions designed for Brussels. Our branches are ready to help local entrepreneurs.

Our partners

KBC Brussels works together with local business clubs, associations. and advisory bodies. Find them all here.