Saving by standing order

Standing order to a savings account

Saving by standing order

Standing order to a savings account

Do you want to save regularly for yourself or your children? An automatic savings facility lets you keep your budget under control and regularly transfer money from your current to your savings account.

How does an automatic savings facility work?

With an automatic savings facility, you save at fixed intervals by setting up a one-off standing order. You decide how much you save and how regularly, and that's that.

Why saving automatically could be ideal for you

It's always a good idea to save - in case of unforeseen expenses. Even if you're not planning any major expenditure, such as buying a car or building your own home. Alternatively, you may just want to set aside money for loved ones like your children or grandchildren.

Saving automatically means you don't have to remember each time to transfer money from your current account to your savings account. Your savings grow automatically and - because of the regular transfers - you can spread them out over time.

Benefits of an automatic savings facility

Saving automatically with KBC Brussels has many advantages

  • Easy: set up an automatic savings order easily just once to start your savings growing
  • Flexible: save flexibly since you can start whenever you want and can change your savings order or stop it temporarily or entirely any time
  • You choose how much you want to save  and have access to your savings whenever you want, with no restrictions
  • No float: transfer money from your current to your savings account on the same value date each time so there's no 'float' (no loss of interest on payments in)
  • You commit to saving
  • It's free of charge

Start or change your savings order anytime

You can start saving by standing order whenever you like and you choose when the money is transferred automatically from your current to your savings account. An amount is then paid into your savings account regularly on a fixed date. If you're able to save less in some months, you can simply change the existing order(s) or stop them temporarily or entirely.

Choose how much you want to save

An automatic savings facility gives you the option of saving either a fixed or a variable amount. You can raise or lower the amount you save any time you like.

For example, you could save

  • a fixed amount, such as 150 euros a month
  • a variable amount, such as leaving at least 400 euros on the originating account every month and transferring any sum above that amount to your savings account 

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