automatisch sparen

Saving by standing order

Want to save for yourself or your children without having to think about transferring the money? Saving by standing order enables money to be credited automatically to your savings account. You decide how often to transfer the money and how much. That makes it easier to keep your spending and budget under control, because the saving side of things is taken care of for you.

Why set up a standing order to save?

Putting away money is always a smart move. It enables you to establish a reassuring buffer against unexpected expenses, to put money aside for major purchases such as a house or car, or to save for your children or grandchildren. Saving by standing order at KBC Brussels ensures your savings account grows automatically over time without you having to think about it.

How does saving by standing order work?

You can start saving, change the amount being saved or stop saving at any time

With an automatic savings facility, you set up a standing order to save at fixed intervals. It’s also very flexible way to set aside money. If there are months when you can't save as much, you can easily change your standing order or stop it (for a time or permanently).

Choose how much you want to save

You choose whether you want to save a fixed or variable amount which you can raise or lower any time.

For example, you could save a fixed amount, such as 150 euros a month. Or you could opt for a variable amount by, for instance, leaving at least 1 300 euros on the originating account every month and transferring any sum above that amount to your savings account.

You save automatically and your efforts can be rewarded more quickly

You don't have to remember to transfer the money each time – it’s done automatically for you. This makes it easier for you not only to control your spending and budget, but also to achieve your savings goals.

The benefits in brief

  • You don’t have to think about transferring the money
  • You decide how often to save and how much (a fixed or variable amount)
  • You can control your budget and spending more easily
  • You have access to your savings whenever you want, without restriction
  • You can set up a standing order for free and save to almost any type of savings account at KBC Brussels
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