Contact and stay in touch with us

in KBC Brussels Touch

Contact and stay in touch with us

in KBC Brussels Touch


Contact in KBC Brussels Touch

The details of your contacts can be found under ‘Contact’ and you can see any communication between yourself and KBC Brussels Touch. You can use this function to read and send all your messages or schedule appointments in your bank branch.

We're here to help

Questions about savings & investments in KBC Brussels Touch

Learn how your assets overview is put together and why you can't see your partner's assets.

Bank on your phone

View your account balance, transfer money or check your transactions the quick and easy way and do it all for free into the bargain. Get our app now.

General questions about KBC Brussels Touch

Get help with things like problems using KBC Brussels Touch, a forgotten PIN or changing your settings.

How to log in and sign in KBC Brussels Touch

First time using KBC Brussels Touch on your computer or tablet? See how to log in and sign transactions.
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